3 Great Tips to Make Fitness More Fun

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Health goals vary from person to person; for some it may be to lose those last stubborn 5 kgs for some it may be to recover from hip replacement surgery and while for another it may be to complete a run in a new record time. But one goal that is essential for everyone and is a must to enhance your wellness is the aspiration to either reach a reasonable level of fitness for your age or to better the level you are at already.

Work woes, personal issues, busy hectic lives and the like are all part of our lives and being fit is no longer an option if we want to keep up. Many of us start fitness regimes, some of us floundering and then picking up stride and some completely gung-ho straight off the bat. A lot of us reach a point where we start getting bored or consider working out a chore to begin with and don’t start as we should. Make fitness more fun is essential if you want it to be a part of your daily lifestyle and not just a short lived fad you keep starting and stopping.

Here are a few ways to help you incorporate a more long lasting fitness regime –

Change it up – Joined a gym and do the same old treadmill routine every day? If you are doing the same old workout day after day at the same place, boredom is bound to set in, not to mention not varying your workouts will target a very limited set of muscle groups. In order to make getting fit more enjoyable, start changing it up. Just like you wouldn’t want to eat the same food over and over, having a diverse mix in your exercise menu is key. If you always exercise indoors then take it outside; always doing a certain set of cardio and weight bearing exercises switch it up by learning something new like yoga or kick boxing. It is so important to keep yourself engaged and interested so that you continue on. There is a whole world of workout types and routines out there; give some new ones a try and you might just find some thing that you love. You can even look at fitness magazines, videos and websites for some inspiration.

Rope in the family or a buddy – Working out day after day alone can become a drag so why not enlist a workout buddy or involve your family in the journey. Working out with a friend makes it so much more fun and you can set exercise dates or choose more active pursuits rather than just going to a coffee shop to gorge or heading for a movie. Pick a new class to try together or go on a nice invigorating hike while you catch up on each others’ lives. Besides a little friendly competition might be just what you need to ramp up your regimen. Make your partner and kids more active too by spending fun days outdoors playing new games and sports rather than vegging out in front of the TV. It makes for great family bonding time and keeps you on your feet as well.

Set personal goals & challenges – Nothing can motivate you more than when you set out to beat your own personal best. Having your own goals and setting mini challenges for yourself can be a great push and keep enthusiasm levels high. Besides, making an allowance for a well deserved prize like a new book or a piece of clothing on completion can give you that added kick!


Tara B is a content writer with a passion for fitness. After a painful hip replacement surgery she realised the importance of maintaining one’s health and has been actively researching and writing on the wellness arena. She loves spending time with her family outdoors and makes it a point to take them biking or swimming at least twice a week.





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