Are you Ready for Winter?

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We don’t get much snow in London; at least it doesn’t often last for long. I’m told it is something to do with the heat that the city generates. Snow is great when the girls and I go skiing because we are prepared and know exactly what we need to pack to look our best. We are not always on a fashion parade however. Getting up while it is still dark to get the tube for work is a different experience if you’ve never lived in London. Everyone looks half asleep and certainly have little time for admiring glances and in the evening everyone just wants to get home.

ready for winter

Friday night

Friday is a little different because it’s the beginning of the weekend and it’s time to party. If I took a photo of myself when I arrive home on a Friday and another two hours later, even I would think it was a different girl. The parka is gone and it’s time to put on my favourite fashions before meeting the girls.

There aren’t many cities where fashion seems to be as important to young girls like ourselves as in London. We all understand as winter approaches that we have to look at the new winter collections to make sure we have a wardrobe to suit every occasion.

That might include outer garments as well as the accessories that go with them. All the major brands have expanded from their original core products to have a comprehensive range of accessories; we girls are still keen on buying fashionable brands, even when we’re talking gloves and hats. When it comes to the range of coats there are many choices, different lengths and some with hoods, some without.

Style over comfort

For the normal working day and outdoor events I am keen to add to my range of footwear. I keep my heels in my desk at the office sometimes as it’s much more comfortable to wear boots en route to work or when out and about.

But when it comes to socialising, I’m not much of a fan of wearing a coat when I know I’m going to spend much of the night indoors if I’m out on the town. If it rains there is always a taxi available to take us to the next bar and then finally get us home at the end of the night. Somehow catching a cold is not as important as looking my best.

Fashion is the priority

That is not to say I never bother with coats at all. I do as long as they are fashionable.  All of us have at least one good winter coat for those occasions when we might be spending time outdoors. That could be when we watch the local rugby team; the social life at the ruby club has always been lively and it is an excellent venue on a Saturday before we plan our Saturday night out. It is one time when you’ll see me with my umbrella, a warm winter coat and my latest boots – comfort and style.


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