Awesome Anti Aging Tips Every Woman Needs to Know

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nullEvery woman wants to beat the clock when it comes to aging, even if it is just by a few years. You don’t have to organise a botox party to help you and your friends look years younger; as our awesome anti aging tips are about to prove.

Looking after your skin

One of the biggest giveaways will always be those laughter lines, crows feet and the tiny little wrinkles which begin to appear earlier than hoped for. Looking after your skin is key to delaying those wrinkles and tell-tale signs of aging. You can buy a whole range of lotions and potions which can slow down the process, but there are other methods to consider too. Did you know that drinking 8 glasses of water a day can make you look (and feel) 10 years younger? Eating your 5 portions of fruit and vegetables in a day can also have the same effect. Looking after your insides will reflect on your outside; just some small lifestyle changes can make a big difference to your skin.

Looking after your hands

The next biggest giveaway will be your hands. We tend to forget about our hands until it’s too late, and the wrinkles or age spots have taken over. You need to start thinking about your hand care if you want to slow down the aging process, so bear these top tips in mind:

  • Use a gentle handwash – Strong soaps can damage your hands, so make sure you use something light and gentle every time you wash your hands.
  • Dry properly – This may sound like something you were told as a kid, but it really does make a difference. Hands that aren’t dried thoroughly will start to crack.
  • Hand cream – Always have some hand cream in your bag! It’s a beauty lovers secret weapon for beating the signs of aging. 

Looking after your eyes

We’ve briefly touched on those dreaded crows feet, but we think it’s important to go into more detail. Many women can start to see the signs of aging, in the form of crows feet, by the time they hit their mid-late twenties. There are a few things you may be doing now, which you didn’t realise will have an impact in the future. One of the most awesome anti aging tips we’ve ever heard is about the way you put on your eyeliner. Those who stretch their eyelids to apply makeup will actually be creating crows feet without even realising! Make sure you don’t pull, tug or stretch any of the skin around your eyes, if you want to look younger for longer.

Don’t forget these essentials

Now that the basics are covered, there are a few things you may want to add to your shopping list to help slow down the inevitable aging process:

  • Sun Care – The sun can be good for our skin in small doses, but not if we’re forgetting to use sun screen. Make sure you cover your whole body in sun lotion before stepping into the potentially harmful (and aging) rays.
  • Lips – Your mouth can be a big giveaway of age if not looked after properly. Invest in a product such as vbeaute anti age lip gloss to slow down the process.
  • Teeth – Pearly whites are reminiscent of our youth; before all of the red wine and coffee. Keep your teeth in tip top condition with a whitening toothpaste and regular flossing. 

Thanks to beauty experts and anti aging professionals, we’ve been able to put together these awesome tips. If you have your own anti aging regime then let us know; share your secrets!



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