Considering Some Root Canal Alternatives

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Commonly referred to as a root canal treatment, a root canal becomes necessary when the exposed nerves become infected and painful. The nerves usually become exposed because of cracks that occur in the cavities or in the tooth. According to Dr. Vinograd, whose clinic is mainly famous for Brighton Dental root canal alternatives, the inside of the tooth is removed during a root canal treatment, which includes the removal of pulp, nerves and blood vessels. The problem is that root canal treatment is immensely expensive and a lot of pain is associated with it. Therefore, people are driven to look for root canal alternatives that can be used.

Root Canal Alternatives

Some of the useful alternatives that can be used by individuals are listed as follows:

Direct Pulp Capping

Direct pulp capping is a procedure that seems to be becoming rapidly popular amongst the masses. The area around the exposed nerve is cleaned during direct pulp capping and liquid plastic is used for the purpose of sealing that area. Calcium hydroxide is used for making the base of the liquid plastic.

Endodontic Surgery

Another alternative available to people is endodontic surgery, although it is usually chosen by people after the root canal treatment has failed. Also known as apicoectomy, endodontic surgery is performed for the removal of the root tips. After they have been removed, the root tips are filled for the purpose of sealing off the root.


In most cases, individuals would opt for a root canal rather than considering extraction. It is considered to be the last of the alternatives that can be used instead of opting for root canal therapy. As the name indicates, extraction refers to the procedure in which the entire tooth is pulled from the mouth. In several alternatives, time saving and less economical are two major reasons for which this treatment is preferred by many.


The diet adjustment can prevent infections. Otherwise, these infections will get worse because of foods that contain flour and white sugar as they feed the bacteria due to which they should be avoided at all costs. Infection can be treated with several other food items that include fish and raw meat, raw milk that’s obtained from animals which are raised in pasture and also yellow butter can prove to be beneficial.

Plantain Poultice

Apart from other alternatives, there are also herbal remedies that can be immensely helpful in fighting an infection that occurs in the teeth. Plantain poultice is one such remedy that has proven to be effective. Plantain is basically a weed that’s found in numerous parts of the world and it has the ability of drawing out the toxins from the body. A moist mass, or poultice, is then placed around the tooth that has become infected.

People who have been told by their dentists that they need a root canal treatment can consider any of these root canal alternatives if they don’t want to deal with the pain and the expense. 

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