Five non-diamond engagement ring options

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend but they are not the ultimate choice for an engagement ring. The recent trends show that you have various diamond-equivalent options to put on that finger.

Although, diamond engagement rings have been a part of the long-lived tradition that was started in 1477, the colored stone engagement rings were always there to balance the diamond brilliance. And in recent times, as the preference for unique and exceptional rings have increased, the choices for engagement rings have gone far from only diamonds. From blue sapphire and ruby to vivid styles and setting that instantly take away the heart, there are dozens of alternative options. Let’s explore some of the most desired and trendy of them.

Colored Gemstones:

Sapphire engagement rings qualify any list of non-diamond engagement rings. They are as historic as diamond rings and have a rich account of royal acceptance. Princess Diana’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring is in fact the most famous engagement ring in royal history.


While sapphires are a precious and premium choice for engagement rings, other gemstones such as ruby, emerald, tanzanite, topaz and aquamarine are also valued for their beauty and elegance. They are even a rocking trend among celebrities.

Choosing a birthstone or your favorite rock is also a beautiful and thoughtful option. As gemstones can be associated with emotions and feelings, you can choose a specific one to signify your serious sentiments. For instance, emeralds represent life, beauty and forever love while a tanzanite with purple-blue shade is a perfect compliment for an independent, confident personality. Remember, fine quality gemstones are rarer than diamonds, thus make your proposal piece even more precious.

Unique Style:

A six-prong high mounted solitaire is a classic and beautiful choice. But almost one out of three brides flaunts the style. If you crave for something unusual or exclusive, investigate more unique options. There is no set rule for engagement ring style and you can choose anything.

You can opt for a vintage halo setting with a colored gemstone and pave diamond band in yellow gold for a perfect vintage look or can think of a ring with more detailing around the stone and on the band. Two-tone rings with antique or art-deco setting could also be a good option. These days rose gold detailing over white gold or platinum is very hot. Try something like this cushion blue sapphire ring that has rose gold infinity knots in the gallery and polished blushing pink band alternating the brilliant diamonds. This is a beautiful example of sheer sophistication and timeless glamor.



Stacking Rings:

One of the major trends of the year, stacking rings is not limited to fashion. It is a great choice for a proposal. Emily Maynard, who received four stacking bands, is the most recent celebrity opted for stackable engagement ring(s). Many women are opting for multiple bands instead of one ring. The idea of wearing multiple rings is more convincing as it gives more ways to flaunt the precious pieces. When you opt for stacking rings, you get a chance to include multiple styles, designs, gemstones and metals together without being overdone.

No-stone Rings:

If flashy and sparkly are not your personality traits, there is no rule to wear a stone. You can pick a ring without a stone and it will still called an engagement ring. Your ring could be a classic band with secret message engraving or it can be an intricately weaved, braided, twisted or etched multi-metal ring. You can also include those bygone era designs, a texture or any pattern but no stone in your ring.

Heirloom Engagement Ring:

If you are inspired by Prince William and Kate Middleton and wanted an heirloom ring, there is no point of avoiding the thought. Heirloom engagement rings are very special. Your heirloom piece would have a story of your family past. It will be very meaningful to flaunt something that will keep you connected with your family.

Whatever you choose as a proposal piece, it should reflect the warmth and beauty of your relationship. As you will wear it for a lifetime, make sure to pick the one you will always love and proud of.


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