Is Now a Good Time to Work in Healthcare?

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New discoveries, innovations, interventions and treatments have been topics at the forefront of healthcare objectives for decades. With the advancements in the healthcare profession and changes in healthcare regulations, there remain many opportunities for students interested in pursuing a degree in healthcare.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 5.7 million jobs will be created by the year 2020 within the healthcare and social assistance industries. 

Healthcare has been around for decades and continues to be a profession many students pursue.  Each year the U.S. News & World Report publishes industry specific top jobs lists identifying the best jobs to pursue.  The healthcare profession is no stranger to this top career list as it remains to offer new and booming occupations for students to consider.   You may be familiar with some of the careers that made the 2013 best jobs list.  Dentists, registered nurse, pharmacists, and psychiatrists continue to be at the top of the list year after year.  Even careers in healthcare administration and management have landed a ranking on popular career lists over the past decade.  Yet, there remains to be the question, “is now the best time to pursue a degree in healthcare”?

Why Consider a Degree in Healthcare

Many of the changes in federal regulations regarding healthcare can cause students to wonder is now the best time to pursue a degree in healthcare.  Furthermore, there are many concerns regarding the stability of the healthcare profession with the changes that are being implemented.  Nevertheless, such advancements can create opportunities within the profession as various issues are worked through and solutions are developed.  Furthermore, it is important to understand, the demand for the growing number of healthcare professionals is significantly attributed to the increase in the aging population and that people are living longer.  Additionally, as more and more employees age out of the workforce, more jobs will become available.  As a result, there will remain to be a need for qualified healthcare professionals to ensure quality services are provided.

The diversity and flexibility of the profession offers countless opportunities for students possessing the desired combination of education and experience.  The profession has demonstrated a long term growth that will continue to attract the interest of students.  After all, career stability is essential in today’s workforce.  The healthcare profession provides diverse career paths for all levels of healthcare workers.  Another significant benefit to pursuing a degree in healthcare is that is provides personal satisfaction where you can help others and touch the lives of those in need.  The convenience of online nursing programs can also help sway your decision as well.

Needless to say, deciding if the healthcare profession is right for you is a big decision.  After all, there are many factors that you will need to consider to make a determination if you desire to work in the healthcare field.  Even from the type of work environment to compensation, years in school and career outlook, there are many factors that can influence your decision as to which path you will decide to pursue within the healthcare profession.  Nevertheless, there will continue to be a need for qualified healthcare professionals.  You can become a part of one of the leading industries by obtaining a degree in healthcare where you will acquire the skills, knowledge and expertise needed to contribute to the innovative advancements and new discoveries of the healthcare profession.


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