Jewellery Is a Girl’s Best Friend

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Forget just Diamonds, we want the whole thing. Morning, afternoon and evening every woman who indulges in a bit of class and sophistication dreams of owning the perfect Hollywood Marilyn Monroe collection.  Think of it this way, each piece of Jewellery that is hand crafted to perfection needs to be worn and used the right way for the right occasion.

Here are a few tips on how to get the best out of your most precious womanly possessions.


The engagement and wedding ring is what every little girl dreams of having when she is older. The sparkle and excitement of such a small circular object can hold is majestic. Both rings in terms of marriage symbolise eternity and wholeness so it’s important for the woman that her partner gets it right. (No pressure what so ever on the bride to be’s partner!) In terms of engagement rings you want something that’s going to turn heads and can be passed on to your children’s children. Design’s like this would make you feel like a real housewife of Beverly Hills and in the long run act’s as an investment in your bank and a remembrance of that special day when he asked you the big question! Or even if 30 years of marriage as quickly flew by and to celebrate your partner needs help on giving you a present, this eternity ring  is a sophisticated way to celebrate a wedding anniversary.

Or for those young, middle aged or old women who just fancy adding that perfect accessory to a newly bought evening dress, white gold goes with any type of dress for an added touch of timeless class and effortless sophistication.


The only day a girl does not wear her earrings is the day she doesn’t leave the house and watches back to back episodes of her favourite sitcom in bed all day! Whenever you leave the house for work or for pleasure ask yourself, keys check, phone check, purse check, earrings check. Earrings act as a statement of somebodies own personal style, they can complete an outfit and brighten up your face. If’s it’s your mothers, grandmothers, sisters or best friend special birthday try pushing out the boat a little and go for earrings like this design. They are subtle, sentimental and beautiful.

Jewellery creates the woman that she is and makes her feel flawless. So choosing the right Jewellery is essential!


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