Looking Flawless for the Fall

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It is easy to look great in the summer; sun-kissed skin that glows and needs minimal makeup, sunglasses that can hide ‘can’t be bothered’ eye makeup days and summery ‘undone’ hairstyles that take seconds. Carry on looking great well into the fall with these top tips.

Skin – As the weather grows more wintery, your skin needs change. Invest in a rich moisturiser for use at night; indoor heating combined with outdoor wind and rain dries the skin quickly and moisture will need replenishing. Opt for an intensive moisture mask such as Clinique’s Moisture Surge and use daily. Instead of chemical exfoliators that can be harsh on the skin, use a gentle facial soap and an organic facial loofa to slough away dead skin cells to reveal a more radiant complexion.

Tanning – Tempting as it might be, when the sun disappears, do not succumb to a sun bed. Nothing is worse for the skin than intense direct UV, regardless of what protective measures you take. If you absolutely cannot be without a golden glow, opt for a professional spray tan and go a shade lighter than your preference; the aim is to give yourself a natural sun-kissed glow and not only is neon orange unattractive, but a heavy tan is also not appropriate for the autumnal months. Ideally, embrace a paler complexion and add warmth where needed with bronzer.

Foundation – People tend to go for a less sheer coverage in the winter months than in summer but there is no reason not to keep your foundation light. Try one of the ‘whipped’ consistency foundations on the market for a light coverage, and mix with something like Olay’s Glow Perfector BB cream for a light moisturising feel. As your summer tan fades, adjust foundation accordingly – do not be tempted to try to warm your complexion with a foundation that is too dark; if anything, go for something slightly too light for your skin and add bronzer and blush to give colour in the areas you need it.

Eyes – Fall eyes are all about sumptuous gold and bronze. For a daytime look, go for something versatile and easy like Laura Mercier Sandglow from Beautique; cream eye shadow with a delicate shimmer can be smoked up with gel liner and a dark bronze powder through the crease for an evening. Make sure you prime the eye first for long lasting wear.

Lips – Make sure you invest in a quality lip balm; bad weather plays havoc with lips and a chapped surface is a terrible base for any lip colour. As the season wears on, you can experiment with deeper colours – opt for deep satiny reds that were ruled out for the summer.

Forget the cardinal rule of ‘lips or eyes’ and go all out on both if you are hitting the town. Add glitter and false lashes, voluminous curls or a sleek up-do and ditch the flip-flops for a pair of killer heels, and you are ready to rock Fall!


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