Mind-Blowing Jewellery Ideas For People On A Budget

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The entire Christmas period can be rather stressful when you haven’t got much money to spend; I know; I’ve been there before. Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a fantastic time and buy your loved ones some really amazing presents. It’s not all about designer brand names and diamonds you know! Most people subscribe to the philosophy that it’s the thought that counts, and this is why you can relax. All you need is some good ideas and advice, which is precisely the reason why I’ve decided to write this article today.

I spoke to one of my friends last week, and he was terribly worried he wouldn’t be able to afford the perfect jewellery gift for his girlfriend this year. After spending a few minutes discussing the ins and outs of his budget, I managed to find some really cool suggestions online in a matter of seconds. So, if you’re in the same boat as him, spend the next few moments reading through the rest of this post, and I’m 100% certain you’ll feel a bit less concerned.

Accurist Gold Plated Ladies Watch

Anyone who wants to pick up a cool watch this year should definitely head on over to Goldsmiths.co.uk before it’s too late to make the final delivery times. They’ve got some incredible deals on ladies watches at the moment, and are currently offering this Accurist gold plated model for only £50. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve got some even more beautiful products if you’ve got more cash to spend, but for those of a budget, this one is perfect.

Estella Bartlett Lucky Wishbone Pendant

When it comes to chains and necklaces, there really is no reason to opt for white gold or silver unless you’re trying to flash the cash. In fact, most people can’t even tell the difference between those materials and others simply plated in them, which is why the new lucky wishbone pendant from Estella Bartlett could be ideal for your loved one this year. It’s small, sleek and sexy, and when you consider the price tag of only £20, it’s hard to overlook.

LA Rocks Silver and Sodalite Peace Bracelet

Everyone should have heard of LA Rocks before, right? Well, although a lot of their jewellery is rather expensive, this eye-catching new sodalite bracelet can be purchased for around £30 at most stores or online, which is surprising really considering how luxurious it looks. If I were to only buy my girlfriend one present this year for under £50, this would be it. No hesitation.

Ti Sento Silver and Synthetic Pearl Bracelet

All women love pearls (I think, anyway) and although a real pearl bracelet is probably outside of your price range, nowadays it’s easier than ever to get synthetic products that look just as impressive. Ti Sento have a long history of creating desirable designs and sought after pieces of jewellery, and this is no exception.

Well, I’ve got to head off now guys and pick up some Christmas presents of my own. Remember, if you type any of the items I’ve just listed into Google, you should have no trouble finding a store selling them over the next couple of days. Don’t leave it too long though, because the delivery cutoff point for most retailers is Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

Relax and enjoy yourselves!



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