Sassy Style with Printed Shorts

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With the warm months right around the corner, there has never been a better time to start having some fun with your warm weather wardrobe. Talulah steps in to offer you some amazing outfits for the hot times ahead, and while their dresses and their flirty tops have a lot to offer, one summer option that is going to stand out is their use of printed shorts. These shorts are far from neutral, and they offer you a bright point of colour in your outfit that you may never have considered before. The vibrant colours, cute designs and excellent shape of the shorts themselves make a perfect counterpoint for just about any outfit you care to wear.

Sassy Style with Printed Shorts

In the first place, these shorts are perfect when you are looking for an easy, breezy summer style. Think of a pair of these shorts with a contrasting solid camisole and a pair of ultra-cute slim-strap sandals. This is a lovely look when you want to head out and have some fun. This is a very no-frills look as well when you are having a more basic and essentials kind of day.

However, you will also find that these printed pants do quite well when you want things a little dressier. Start with the shorts and add a flowing top, or a fitted top with a beach wrap over it. Use the shorts to create a subtle hint of bright colour that revealed and hidden by the swirling wrap, and pair it with some gladiator sandals for something really special.

The way to really get the most out of your printed shorts is to turn them into an all-seasons garment. The truth about shorts is that they can be worn all year long as long as you pair them with the right tights. For example, when the weather starts to get warmer but there is still a bit of chill to the air, through on a pair of filmy tights to get some coverage as you go about your day.

Remember that finding the right pair of shorts for your wardrobe is something that takes some effort. Some people think that there are body shapes which should not wear shorts, and that is just a lot of foolishness. Don’t be afraid to go ultra-short, as is going to be the fashion this year. As long as you get the right size, you are doing quite well.

Take a moment to think about what you want from a great pair of printed shorts. This trend is going to be here for a while, so think about how you can get the looks that you have always wanted to sport. There’s never been a better time for colour and life than this year, and these shorts can add just the right liveliness to your wardrobe.

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