Taking your Ray-Ban’s Aboard: The Top Three Luxury Destinations

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With a minimum price tag of around £80, a pair of Ray-Ban Sunglasses tend to be an investment rather than an impulse buy. A fashionista’s favourite, the Ray- Ban brand promises the ultimate status for anyone who chooses to buy them. Favoured by high profile celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Bradley cooper and recently modelled by President Obama, they’re the epitome of cool, sleek and stylish.



With the holiday season upon us it is the perfect Ray-Ban buying season. Everyone wants to look their best on the beach. A pair of the world’s most popular shades can go a long way in making that happen; or at least divert attention away from those ‘less than perfect’ areas that don’t need publicising.

You don’t want to waste that eye wear investment on a budget beach holiday. You want the most luxurious holiday getaways to match the world’s most luxurious eye wear brand. Eye wateringly expensive – but worth every penny. Take a look at our top three extravagant destinations that would certainly leave a hole in your wallet.

  1. Laucala Island, Fiji


Situated in the South Pacific, Laucala sits in 3200 acres on unspoiled land. Offering the ultimate private retreat, guests can enjoy long white beaches and serene turquoise lagoons. The luscious rich green mountains, volcanic cliffs and proud palm trees provide breath taking scenery. The intense vibrancy of natural colour has earnt the island a complimentary nickname, as it is frequently dubbed as ‘the modern garden of Eden’ by those who visit.

Activities & Attractions

There’s lots to keep you occupied on Laucala. You can take your Ray-Bans down to the glorious stretches of sand or go hiking up the mountains. If water sports is more your thing why not go sailing in the clear blue waters around the island. You can also check out the natural beauty that lies under the surface of the sea as the island boasts around 20 dive sites that cater to all abilities.


Private luxury has a big price tag. Exclusive use of the entire island for 5 nights will set you back $187,200 per person. If you’re happy to share your space you can book yourself a more modest hotel room from $6180 per person for just one night.

  1. Dorado, Puerto Rico

With rare character and idyllic surroundings, Dorado Beach is one of Puerto Rico’s most sought after luxury retreats. With its serene coastline stretching for miles, tropical forests and harmonious surroundings, it’s certainly worth packing up your suitcase, throwing on your Ray-Bans and basking in a bit of Dorado sunshine.

Activities & Attractions

The Dorado Beach resort offers the chance to experience adventure, enlightenment and relaxation. Explore the beautiful landscape and see the natural beauty of the island first hand. Lots of the resort’s visitors enjoy long rambling walks along the coastline and the breath-taking green forests. If that’s not your thing you can pamper yourself at the spa- facilities are all open air of course.


Prices are dependent on the suite you choose to stay in. If you’re open to cutting a few of the added luxuries then you can book a room for around $650 per night. As always the more luxury you demand- the higher the price tag.

  1. One & Only Hayman Island- Australia


You’ll need your Ray-Bans whilst visiting this resort to shield your eyes from all of the bright colours that the Great Barrier Reef is teeming with. The One & Only Hayman Island is blessed with white sandy beaches, fine dining and once in a life time opportunities.

Activities & Attractions

There’s plenty to keep you entertained on this colour-rich island. Hiking & bush walks, tennis, golf, spa days & fishing are all great ways to fill your time. However, it comes as no surprise that the most popular activity on the island is diving. Perhaps the world’s prime location for under-water beauty there are plenty of ways to explore the Great Barrier Reef.


Five nights on One & Only Hayman Island can set you back £10,000 if you stay in luxury accommodation. However it is possible to bag yourself a good last minute deal.

All of these beach front holiday resorts represent indulgence in the travel industry- much like Ray-Bans do in the fashion sector. Where will your Ray-Ban Glasses take you this summer? 


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