Tips for making your single years worthwhile

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Single years have both been glorified and frowned upon as those in relationships form opinions on those who aren’t and vice versa. If you’re single, however, the first thing you should do is reclaim the narrative of what it means to be single. Are you going to spend it wishing that you were in a relationship? Or are you going to spend it turning them into the best self-horning years before you finally find a partner?

Find your source of joy

Perhaps one of the reasons people get into relationships is to find happiness, which if you have been in a relationship then you know that you were, in hindsight, asking for too much. Therefore, in your singlehood, aim to find what brings you joy and do those things daily, in whatever form they take. That way, when you’re in a relationship, or even with others, you’re able to have a happy time despite their actions. When you’re in this space, disappointments tend to be less because you’re already doing what makes you happy.

Take good care of yourself

Perhaps the main reason you want to learn how to look after yourself is that when if someone finally comes into your life, you’re able to show them how to care for you. If anything, it makes the pairing process more natural as you’re ready to tell from the get-go if someone is going to love you as you wish to be loved. Caring takes many forms. It could be going online to look for cell phone repair stores Toronto has to fix a phone that’s not operating well instead of putting up with it. It could be doing little acts of self-love like getting sprinkles because they excite you.

Work through your issues

We all have baggage, but anything you can do to work through and reduce it would go a long way into making your future relationship wholesome. As you work through childhood issues, character traits that are less than pleasant, etc. you’re able to entertain and be with people who are on the same wavelength as you are. If you have unforgiveness toward anyone in your life, work through those to avoid living a life shackled by the sins of those towards you. There are plenty of scientific studies that show unforgiveness, anger, depression and other negative mindsets and mannerism increase the chances of falling ill and developing chronic diseases.

Be a new you

As you work through your issues and develop a passion for yourself, you’ll find your taste, behavior and even way of thinking changes. As you transform, do not be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try new things. You’d be surprised on just how much of life you’ve been missing out on. Embrace the new you; when your partner finally comes, you’d be surprised how different they are from your ex, much to your delight.



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