Ways of Selecting Appropriate Shoes for Health and Fitness

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Shoes have become more than an essential part of the wardrobe today; they have become an integral part of a person’s fitness regime. There are a multitude of options when it comes to style and comfort in shoes. Some, who love to spend most of their domestic time in rubber shoes, tend to buy multiple pairs so they may enjoy the variety. The fashion industry has contributed a lot to the shoes made for women, across the world. Though the leather boots in brown and black are never outdated, the suede boots are also the most favored one by the women. However, the need for best walking shoes can’t be ignored because it is directly related to a person’s health and fitness. These are to be chosen carefully and used appropriately so no injury may happen in the near future that could put the user in a painful condition.


How to select?

Selection of good shoes isn’t a hard task, but it may be one if a person is very peculiar about style statement. Today there are many varieties of sports and walking shoes that are made for three kinds of feet.

  • High Arch
  • Low Arch
  • Flat feet

The people with high arch leave the mark of their wet feet on the ground with a thin line on the sides, which connect the front part with the heel. Here the gap in the mid-foot is very wide, while the low arch people have fewer gaps in their mid-foot where the arch forms. The flat feet people do not have any arch, so the entire foot leaves its mark on the ground when it’s wet.

High arch people and low arch people tend to find an appropriate pair of shoes almost instantly, because most of the shoes are made for these two kinds of feet. However, the flat footed people have to do a good volume of search before they find a pair that best fits them. Whenever someone goes to buy a new pair of shoes, she must consider few things in mind prior to going for shopping.

  1. Always go shopping in the late evening hours
    This is because by evening the body swells up a bit than what it was in the morning and afternoon hours. With naturally swollen feet, it’s easy to figure out what could be the biggest size of shoe; a woman can wear without feeling uncomfortable. Moreover, after walking for a long distance the feet does swell up, in that case if a shoes is bought in the early hours of the day, it may feel absolutely fit, but it will be the most uncomfortable towards the end of a long walk.
  2. Use thick sports socks and an insole
    Using a thick sports socks, while trying the shoes are good because later one may wear think socks when walking. Thus even if the feet swells, the shoes won’t be uncomfortable because it got tightened up a bit. At the same time, if a person with flat feet uses some kind of insole, she must bring it along and put in the shoes prior to trying it out. It will make sure that the fitting is proper, without any possibility of discomfort later.
  3. Sole, insole and their flexibility
    The sole and its insole must be flexible and supportive to the feet, while it must absorb the shocks of the motion while walking at the ball and the heel of the feet.

Where to buy?

Always buy the best walking shoes  from a reputed brand of store, which specializes in selling sports shoes. They may be bit expensive, but it will save a lot of money on post-injury therapy and recovery; if something goes wrong because one wore a bad pair of shoes.


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