Why used watches are just as valuable as brand new models

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Watches are a popular commodity across the world. Although a watch can be bought for its most obvious use, it is also viewed as an investment. When a brand new luxury watch is purchased, it will be worth more in the future. For the last century, many of us have continued of love affair with luxury watches. Top brands such Rolex and Cartier have continued to gain iconic status as a distinguished fashion accessory. For many, a brand new Rolex watch may be out of our price range, but pre-owned Rolex watches and other luxury watch brands can be much cheaper. Celebrities and movies continue to endorse luxury watch brands and there can be nothing finer than wearing a luxury timepiece. Watches continue to be fashion accessories whilst also providing a person with a touch of class. The demand for used luxury watches has continued to grow especially as they can hold their value especially if in good condition. In many cases, it will be hard to distinguish whether a luxury watch was brought brand new or secondhand. Because of their value, you can expect watch owners to take good care of their watches. Below are some reasons to consider buying a used model should be chosen:

Rare models are particularly valuable

Various leading watch manufacturers were formed decades ago. In fact, Rolex and Cartier first started making watches within a year of each other at the turn of the 20th century. The watches that were made in subsequent years are particularly valuable and are worth far more than newer models.

Rare models aren’t sold often

Rare Rolexes and Cartier watches aren’t usually sold. As a result, watch dealers can’t buy a particular model no matter how hard they try. When demand is high for watches that aren’t usually available for general sale, their price does increase considerably. If a listing is created on EBay or Amazon for a rare watch, a bidding war will more than likely happen. Consequently, what it finally sells for can be incredibly high.


A timeless design

As celebrities have worn luxury watches, a similar model that is decades old can be purchased. Although newer luxury watches are highly revered, they don’t always have a timeless design. By purchasing a model that is decades old, its new owner can wear a watch that their favourite celebrity sported in the 1960’s or 1970’s. Although brand new luxury watches also have an outstanding design, they don’t have a strong track record as of yet. Even when an extensive advertising campaign is carried out, a watch manufacturer might not see the desired effect for several years. As established watches have been in the public eye for decades, more people know about them. The situation could change in the future because watches that have been released relatively recently can become highly sought after. However, at that point in time, older models can have an even stronger track record. As a result, they can be worth far more than before.

James Bond has made luxury watches popular

Luxury watches have appeared in popular culture over the past century. For example, James Bond wore a Rolex watch in the 1962 movie ‘Dr No’. Since then, James Bond has worn other luxury wristwatches, such as Breitling and Omega. Watches that were worn in the early James Bond movies are now highly sought after and, as a result, are worth a lot of money. Compared to brand new models, used watches are usually worth far more. Although luxury watches have been worn by James Bond in recent movies, such as ‘Quantum of Solace’ and ‘Skyfall’, older models are actually valued at higher prices.

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