10 Tips for a beautiful wedding theme

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 top 10 wedding tips



When it comes to planning your wedding there seems like a huge number of decisions to be made, but if you come up with a theme idea first you’ll find that decisions come more quickly and easily. A few wedding theme ideas could include, Beach, 1920’s, Vintage, Tropical, Summer, Retro, Royal and the Great Gatsby the list goes on. However, once you have chosen your theme, it narrows the selection down and the process become a lot easier to manage and keep on top of. Aspects that you need to think a lot about is venue, let’s be honest venue is key is you get this right, than your half way there! This is an aspect that you need to think carefully about, is this something your guests can get to easily or will then require travel? This may put some guests off, but remember it’s your big day, and you shouldn’t have to compromise on this, unless of course you’re planning a wedding abroad.

Other elements that require some thought for the big day are what you’re going to wear from the glamorous memorable wedding dress to the smart matching suits from groom and best man and not forgetting bridesmaid. When you think about bridesmaid dresses – think of the time of year – a bodice style dress, bearding a lot of flesh may require some type of over jacket or shrug. Make sure you think of these little things that will make your big day run smoothly without a hitch

Here are ten top tips to inspire you when for choosing your unique, beautiful wedding theme…

1. Stick to something that is appropriate for that time of year, if you are having a summer wedding, it’s nice to choose a theme that has light, bright colours this will reflect beautifully in the photographs.

2. Be realistic with your budget, themes can sometimes require quite a lot of props so don’t over stretch yourself, think logically, do plenty of research to make sure you get the best price and think to yourself can they be reused any after the wedding.

3. Choose your venue carefully as this will be the backdrop of your wedding, if you’re having a vintage style wedding a country house such as Inglewood could be ideal, however if you want a more vibrant city feel you might consider putting your guests up in new apartments such as Epic.

4. Check out websites such as Pinterest to collate some inspiration for your wedding theme. A great idea is to great a mood board, by recording all your findings in one place this allows you to pick you favourites and perhaps dis-count others once they’re all together.

5. Choose a theme that closely matches your personality as a couple, this way you will be comfortable and the day will be memorable for both you and your guests.

6. Make sure that you can make your theme consistent across all areas of your special day from the invitations through to the brides shoes.

7. Get the lighting right, it’s surprising how much this can affect the way a room looks, so choose a theme that you can easily match the lighting to.

8. Get the grooms opinion, it needs to be something that you are both happy with.

9. Go with your instinct, the chances are if you’re the bride that you’ve been dreaming of this day all your life, so stick to what you have always wanted and you won’t be disappointed.

10. Don’t be afraid to go a little over the top, sometimes bigger really is better!

Feel free to contribute any other ideas you have in the comments below…



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