2014 Wedding Themes: Finding Your Voice on the Big Day

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Ladies, we all have diverse tastes; whether we’re talking about musical preferences, fashion or humor, our unique inclinations help to define who we are and how we view the world. So then why does it seem that all weddings are the same? On your big day, shouldn’t you throw away the “cookie-cutter” expectations in favor of what you truly love? Many brides are finding fun and quirky wedding themes to express their personalities, and 2014 is seeing a rise in some particular styles that may just stimulate your own creativity.

wedding-reception-ideasTea parties vs. All-night “Ragers”

Are you a morning person? A night owl? Many brides are experimenting with the time of day of their nuptials to find their own personal bliss. “Tea-time” and “brunch” receptions are gaining momentum as couples look to add some sunny charm to their wedding, creating an atmosphere that is more laidback and innocent that evening affairs. An added bonus is that the kinds of foods usually served during these hours tend to be cheaper, and people will generally eat less overall. A garden is the perfect setting, and your life will be made simpler by the fact that minimal decorations will be needed.

Reversely, an “all-night” wedding is ideal for those who like to let loose; if you’re someone who enjoys getting a wee bit wild, you shouldn’t celebrate one of the most joyous events of your life with a stuffy affair. The late hour works well with another hot trend of the “Great Gatsby” styled décor; the opulence and excess of the 1920’s era will fuel your own fun as you party like celebrities. Surround yourself with gold, metallic and bottles of champagne. Brides, the flapper look is perfect for this theme, especially considering that the higher hemlines will assure the ability to move as you dance away the hours. Many popular stores like David’s Bridal sell wedding dresses with shorter length, vintage flair and art deco touches, so don’t falsely believe that you have to shop secondhand to find a themed gown.

Into the Woods We Go

For many, their happiest memories happened at summer camp. The innocence, the camp fire songs, the water activities . . . it’s no wonder that there is a surge of couples who are hoping to recreate the magic with “summer camp themed” décor. Guests are sat in a mess hall, décor is simple and incorporates plenty of calming browns and everyone is encouraged to kick off their shoes to have a genuinely good time. However, you don’t have to get married barefoot in order to incorporate untamed nature into your wedding. Pantone triumphed 2014 as the year of Radiant Orchid, a lighter tint of purple. With its fantastical elements and otherworldliness, it is idea to contrast against the dark green of trees for a fairytale inspired ceremony. Dresses can be long and flowy, small lights can twinkle from the branches, and wild flowers can be gathered for the bride as she floats through the wilderness. For further ideas on how to incorporate Orchid into your décor, check out this inspiration board by A Splendid Occasion.

21st Century Girl

Many are fleeing to the country to find peace, but other couples are embracing the wild jungle that is the city by incorporating industrial touches into their venue. Expect to see plenty of exposed brick, unpolished wood and metal touches in 2014. To soften this otherwise harsh look, combine it with rustic touches like lace, burlap, baby’s breath and wild flowers. The warm lights of candles are a must, and paper lanterns will add a whimsical charm to an otherwise straightforward look. One of the benefits of this kind of décor is that there is nothing to distract from the bride; embrace your inner avant-garde goddess and wear something completely unexpected, like a gown with cut-outs or a richly red dress.

Above all else, remember that your wedding is YOUR special moment. Forget the expectations of others and create a space that echoes your style and personality. So happy daydreaming!


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