3 Musical Inventions That Are As Fun As They Were Necessary

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Listening to music makes a constant part of our lives, either if we plug some headphones in our ears, connected to a smartphone or a mp3 player of the sorts, or if we listen to it in our homes, out in clubs or parties, or even play it at an instrument. Music makes our lives better, happier, lifts up our moods, makes us creative and relaxed, gives us that little treat we afford to gift ourselves once in a while. There are many moments during the day when we want to shake our heads or our bodies, rhymed – up to our favorite tunes and luckily, technology is here to provide us with its latest developments in terms of music players and boredom – repellents.

Before believing that this article is about the latest iPod model or some kind of futuristic device that emits sounds from a T-Shirt (that’s already possible), let’s take a look around the house, grace our home appliances and tech devices with a long glance and think about those exact times when you want to listen to music but you can’t for some reason, or when you’d love to have a 3 in 1 type of gadget, to allow you to enjoy several pleasures, all in one. Did you take a good look?

Isn’t the vacuum cleaner the first device that pops in your mind?

Yes, vacuuming and listening to music is fun and very productive, researchers showed. Apparently, people who listen to music and vacuum in the same time, have cleaner houses, they complain less about the effort and on a long term, they expressed a feeling of happiness when cleaning. But! Putting the record on over the loud sound of the vacuum means to create an infernal atmosphere and finish the house chores with a headache rather than a joyful feeling. So how about creating a vacuum that is not only very quiet, but also has the ability to play music?

Enter Electrolux Ergothree Play!, the vacuum that is provided with dust sensors, which sucks the dirt silently and which plays music in the same time! Now that is something every household should own.

But how about brushing your teeth?

Or convince the little one to brush his or her teeth, just as the doctor ordered? There is a musical toothbrush out there which plays a song for two minutes, inside your mouth and directly in your head. It goes by the name of Spinbrush and even if it can play only one song, it won’t take long until it will have a regular mp3 player incorporated inside.

Where else would you like to have an mp3 player incorporated in? No pun intended…

Some people love to vape their electronic cigarettes. They feel a joy and an inner peace in doing so, taking care of the device’s components, changing them in time, cleaning them in time, you know, like real fans do. The development of the e-cig in the last ten years, since its invention, was astounding and if you’re driven by tech curiosity, visits http://bluaccessories.com to see what almost futuristic devices you can find there and what they can do. Some can be recharged using USB technology, others come together with accessories which can help a vaper make new friends. So how long did you think it took the manufacturers to realize that people would love to listen to music from the same device they are vaping summer cocktail flavored e-juice?

We have the MuCig 510 PCC, a normal electronic cigarette provided with an mp3 player and a radio, just perfect for the dedicated users. It also comes together with a record button if you don’t happen to have at hand some mp3 files and all the features of an e-cig. Now the vapers have both the pleasures of puffing and listening to music in the same time, which is very cool, to say the least.

On the same trail of thought, some gadget geeks are presently probably expecting the music – playing noiseless hair dryer or the music – playing air – conditioning device in the living room. Technology is here to make our lives better, so why not?


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