4 Quick Tips for Wedding Photography

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Wedding photography is probably the most stressful and high-pressured photography assignment you’ll get. The heat is on – you need to take not only professionally posed shots but also candid pictures and photos that document the behind-the-scenes part of the wedding. You must be on your feet for most of the day and night, constantly looking out for memorable photo opportunities. But, tough as it may be, wedding photography is uniquely rewarding and you can build your portfolio with some stunning images. Here’s how to make the most of a wedding photo assignment and get the best from the couple’s special day.


Communicate Before the Event


Meet with the couple at least once before the shoot to make sure you are all on the same page when it comes to the style of shots, the number of photos, and how long you are expected to be on duty. You should get an idea of what kind of shots the couple likes – unposed shots, outdoor shots, arty pictures, or traditional poses? Find out, or risk disappointment later.


Scout the Location


For example, if the wedding is in Bournemouth there are plenty of possible venues to choose from but most will have some element of the outdoors. You’ll need to be prepared for the ways you can maximise the environment in these shots as well as cope with the weather conditions. Studying the location – beach, cliff top, formal gardens or manor house – before the wedding means you get a better idea of which shots will work and which can be saved for another occasion. Take test shots at different times of the day and decide where you will shoot at which point – different lighting conditions make a huge difference to the success of the overall wedding portfolio.


Create a Shot List





You need to make sure you get several key shots during the wedding – the couple expects these and to miss them out will mean you end up with a dissatisfied client. For example, you definitely need a shot of the bride and the wedding car, plus group shots of everyone, and a picture of the cutting of the cake, etc. Just to make sure you don’t miss anything, create a list. And before the ceremony check whether you will be taking photos behind-the-scenes. Some couples won’t want you to be there when they get ready while others expect it.


Be Prepared


A Bournemouth wedding photographer doesn’t turn up to a wedding without a full kit bag of cameras, lenses, memory cards, batteries and other accessories. Never risk your equipment failing – you’ll never get booked to do another wedding again. Make sure you are prepared for different eventualities and have backups of everything to make sure your photos are safe and sound until they are delivered to the happy couple. And don’t forget to turn off any beeps or other camera sounds – no one wants the ceremony to be ruined by the incessant clicking of your camera as the couple signs the register.



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