5 kids Halloween costumes inspired by Disney

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disneyHalloween has always been very popular with children. We all know that children love to dress up and normally don’t need any excuse to dress up as superhero, a princess or any other fancy dress character. Disney movies are a great inspiration for fancy dress and for decades movies created by Disney have captured children’s imagination and lead to them wanting to dress up as their favourite character. Halloween is another fancy dress occasion that is celebrated every October. At Halloween, kids can choose a scary costume which will terrify their friends and family. Along with a devil costume, a child can also be a vampire. These aren’t the only kids Halloween costumes available because Disney is a source of inspiration. Since the first Disney feature film was released in the 1930’s, kids have wanted to dress as various characters. When a child wants to wear a Halloween costume that’s inspired by Disney, here are some ideas:


Although originally a Pixar character, the studio has since been bought by Disney. One of the lead characters in the ‘Toy Story’ film franchise, Woody is adorable and many boys want to dress as him at Halloween. When attending a party that has a ‘Toy Story’ theme where their friends will be dressed as Buzz Lightyear and Slinky Dog, Woody is the perfect costume. When purchasing a Woody costume, also buy plastic guns so that a child can pretend to be just like him.


The blue genie in the Disney movie ‘Aladdin’, which was voiced by Robin Williams, has been popular for years. When a child wears a genie costume and also carries a lamp when trick or treating, they will have a lot of fun. If one child dresses as a genie, his siblings can be other additional characters from ‘Aladdin’ such as Princess Jasmine and Aladdin himself

Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney’s first ever character, Mickey Mouse is one of, if not the, most recognisable cartoon figures in history. With his pointy ears, white gloves and red trousers, Mickey Mouse is understandably popular not just with adults but also children, especially as this character continues to appear in movies. When a Mickey Mouse costume is worn by a boy, his sister can be Minnie Mouse.

Snow White

One of the most beautiful cartoon characters of all time, Snow White is adored by young girls. With shoulder length hair and a delightful dress, any girl who chooses a Snow White costume will be able to pretend they are this infamous princess. When a Snow White costume has been bought, apples are a great yet inexpensive accessory. Not only can young children wear a Snow White costume but also teenagers. A mother and her children can even go trick or treating dressed as Snow White.

Peter Pan

A 1953 movie was released by Disney about Peter Pan and his Lost Boys fighting against the evil pirate Captain James Hook. Although many other movies have been made since then that are based around J.M. Barrie’s book, it is the original Disney movie that is the most popular. When buying a Peter Pan costume for a child, a plastic sword and green leggings should be included. If many siblings will be attending the same party as each other, Peter Pan can be the overall theme. As online retailers stock kids Halloween costumes that are inspired by Peter Pan, children can dress as various members of the Lost Boys and even Wendy Darling.

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