5 Tulle Fabric Wedding Day Decor Ideas

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There are few fabrics more befitting the wedding setting than tulle. Certainly it vies for most popular textile with satin, silk, and lace when it comes to wedding gowns, but in terms of decorations for your wedding, few fabrics are more versatile than sheer, ethereal tulle. It not only comes in a variety of colors to go with every theme and palette, but it can be used in so many ways. Not only can it be draped, tucked, gathered, and bloused in soft, flowy layers, but it can also be stiffened with starch to create all kinds of cool effects. And considering how inexpensive it is, you could get yards and yards for your decorating purposes, saving over more pricy materials. Here are just a few wedding decor ideas with tulle that are sure to work for any wedding.

  1. Wedding Day Decor IdeasWedding favors. A cute and easy way to pretty up the average box of chocolates on every plate at the reception is to wrap it in a swath of colorful tulle, tie the top with a ribbon, and then fluff it up. Or go the extra mile and put two layers with different colors for added dimension. You might also wrap up small candle holders with votives, jars of jam, tea and honey, or any number of favors that suit the theme of your wedding.
  2. Table runner and matching chair sashes. When it comes to decorating the tables at your reception, you’ll have to work around place settings, the centerpiece, name tags, and so on. But tulle layered over the tablecloth can add a touch of personality to an otherwise bland setup, as well as reflect your chosen wedding colors or highlight a particular theme. And you can use lengths of the same color to tie sashes around seating to pull your whole look together.
  3. Florets. Whether you want to create lotus-like flowers to lay flat on the table or you’d rather gather springy balls of tulle in varying sizes to hang from the ceiling, you can make all kinds of floral decorations with tulle and save some money over buying cut blooms for bowers and the ends of pews. Heck, you could cover an entire ceiling with an array of puffballs to add some visual interest to an otherwise boring ballroom. Or you could use them to decorate the back of every chair at your reception. You could line the aisle with tulle florets. The options are nearly endless.
  4. A starry canopy. One of the coolest things you can do with tulle is pair it with tiny lights to create dim, romantic illumination. Start at the central point of your ballroom or tent by pinning up several lengths of tulle as well as strings of white holiday lights. Then spool the lights out towards the walls or tent poles, letting them dip down just a bit before getting tacked to the corners of the room. Finally drape the tulle below the lights for a sheer wash of color that softens the lighting just slightly.
  5. Dreamy drapery. You can hang swaths of tulle fabric from the sides of a tent if your wedding is outdoors to create a sheer, breezy curtain that still lets you look at the scenery while providing a bit of privacy. Or if you’re having an indoor affair, hang sheer panels from the ceiling and set up a couple of fans to get your wispy drapery swishing and swaying for a dreamy and dynamic visual element that adds to your overall aesthetic.

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