5 Uncommon Fashion Trends Making Moves

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Sometimes uncommon fashion trends end up being the ones that make the moves in terms of market research, availability, and success. Things like support socks can just make a huge splash on the market, and these are usually short-lived and very much on in terms of the arc of the trend itself. Support socks are extremely popular suddenly because they give people the comfort of slippers without any of the bulk or lack of movement allowed; slippers can’t exactly be worn to work.

Fashion Trends Making Moves
Other uncommon fashion trends that are popular now are leg warmers. These were made popular in the 1980s by movies like “Fame,” which feature the use of leg warmers by dancers. Suddenly, leg warmers were the rage, and they lent a certain warmth and delicacy to the look, sometimes announcing “artist at large” or lending a certain uniqueness and authenticity of personal expression to the outfit for the day. Leg warmers come in all textures, thicknesses, and colors, allowing the wearer to be a little outrageous or different–and warm.

Gloves without fingers are also making a large comeback and are nice to wear if you have a job where you are typing a lot. The room temperature and draft in the winter can chill the whole body, but this type of glove takes care of any chill or draft that can enter through the sleeves. They come in all shapes, styles, lengths, materials, and expressions, so it’s fun to play. Some can be converted into gloved fingers with the finger part falling down to allow for use of the hands. And some are just for play or fun, but can add an overall elegance and warmth to the whole day.

Waterproof items are all the rage now and the new backpacks and computer sleeves are a nice fashion statement that pays off in terms of keeping your important electronics and belongings free of water during rain or snow storms. The new packs come in all shapes and sizes like raincoats or gaiters and absolutely scream coolness. The black ones are sleek and make an impression particularly, replacing the fine weave of the typical nylon backpack. Once you’ve experienced one of these, you won’t go back as nothing is even slightly wet, even after a walk in the hard rain with an umbrella that isn’t big enough to cover your backpack as well as keep you warm and dry.

Textured nail polish is the fifth thing that is making a splash this year trend-wise. Nail kits sales are up, and elaborate nails are becoming all the rage. Stickers, glitter, feathers–these are some of the textures that are popularly being used by women everywhere for elaborate styles and looks, all worthy of creating a splash of color and introducing some flair into the day.

Finally, elaborate hair things like holders for buns or back styles are becoming popular again, with fake diamonds and gems or glitter being the trend. Some are expensive, and faceted gems are beginning to be used in some cases, a throw-back to the last century when combs were valued for their monetary value as well as for their ability to hold back hair. A little glitter goes a long way in the hair, it seems, and these come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of quality.


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