6 Places in Your Home to Hide Private Items from Your Kids

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Kids have a knack for finding things that you don’t want them to find. That makes it important for you to find secret places to stash private items. Try some of these creative ideas to keep your secret items secret.

VHS Tape Boxes

Tape Boxes

Image via Flickr by dan taylor

Like most adults, you probably have a library of VHS tapes that no one will ever watch again. That library makes the perfect hiding spot for any small item you don’t want your kids to find. Your kids probably don’t even know what VHS tapes are, and they certainly don’t have any interest in them.

As long as they stick to their smartphones and tablets, you’re safe.

Drawers With False Bottoms

If you have some carpentry skills, you can easily build a false bottom for your drawers. Depending on what you’re into, you could hide anything in there from X-rated movies to swings.

To make the false bottom really convincing, you have to make sure the wood matches. Your kids are probably cleverer than you think. Plus, they have all summer to snoop through the house while you’re at work. That gives them a bid advantage.

Behind Books, Especially Reference Books

Reference Books

Image via Flickr by Stewart

Other adults might look at you a little funny for having a row of reference books sitting under your bedside table, but the kids will just assume you read dictionaries for fun.

Little do those confused adults know what you have hidden behind those books. With the right library, you could practically store anything back there.

A Secure Safe

Hey, no messing around here. If you don’t want the kids to find something, put it in a safe with a combination lock. Just don’t make the combination something they can guess. Again, they have hours to sit there trying every birthday and phone number in the family.

It’s best to choose a completely random combination that means nothing to you.

In Your Clothes


Image via Flickr by LizMarie_AK

Once your kids have grown out of the “dress up” phase, they’ll lose all interest in your boring clothes. Ha! The jokes on them! As soon as they lose interest, your clothing becomes the perfect place to hide secret items that you don’t want them to find.

Slip toys into suit jackets; put spare cash inside a dress; or hide private photos inside ties. You might surprise yourself once you start looking for stealthy hiding spots in your own closet. Just make sure you remove the hidden items before wearing the clothes. You don’t want to accidentally pull a pair of men’s thongs out of your coat pocket.

Hidden Compartments

Now it’s time to get fashionable and covert. A few furniture designers make specialty tables with hidden compartments. These aren’t nearly as simple as false bottoms. Scott Dworkin, for instance, makes coffee tables with secret compartments that are truly difficult to find. He designs many of the tables like jigsaw puzzles.

Yes, it’s hard to get to your secret stash, but your kids will never suspect anything.

What are some of the best (and worst) hiding places you have to keep nosey kids out of your personal items?


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