A guide to men’s jewellery

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imagesIt has historically been proven that jewellery is not just for women to flaunt. Men do a fine job in carrying off bling in style. For example, diamonds are no longer just a girl’s best friend anymore. There is a wide variety of diamond jewellery available for men, both designer and otherwise.  Even tungsten is becoming a popular choice, with many men sporting tungsten rings. Always remember that while buying men’s jewellery for yourself, or for a loved one, the jewellery should reflect the personal choice and style of the wearer.

Here are a few tips for those who are looking to buy men’s jewellery.

First, make sure that the jewellery that you buy is suited for frequent use. It has to be something that you can wear often. Of course it is true that different kinds of jewellery are meant to be worn in different occasions, whatever you buy shouldn’t be too formal that it cannot be worn daily. Even when you are buying formal jewellery, ensure that you can carry it on different occasions without seeming over the top or out of place.

Second, the jewellery pieces should be durable and reflect the personality and lifestyle of the wearer. Men’s jewellery including tungsten rings are usually pretty simple and low maintenance. Unlike women’s jewellery which can be elaborate and intricate, men’s jewellery is generally easy on the upkeep. Make sure that the pieces will last for many years without being too delicate. If you are buying something fragile then limit its use to special occasions only, unless you are prepared to take time out to maintain it.

Now there is a lot of variety in men’s jewellery as mentioned before. There are different styles, metals, stones and so on. So don’t limit yourself to the usual pieces. Remember that a good piece will last you for a long time, and is thus an investment, so go for variety. If you are okay with owning different pieces then get some different items every now and then. Be creative.

The different jewellery pieces for me include rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. You can also get jewelled accessories using precious stones and metals. These could be cufflinks, cell phone covers, etc. Newer uses are coming up every day.

Style advice

There is the right jewellery for every occasion. Whether at home or work or even on a holiday, women are not the only one with the right kind of jewellery. Here are a few pointers on getting the right look.

If you are at work in the city with a night-out planned, then some sleek and icy cuff links are just what you need. Look at blue, black, grey or even an icy white. Use these colours in cuff links, watches and even bracelets. You can smoothly transit from day to night.

If you are the outdoorsy type gearing up for a day in the country, then look at some rustic jewellery with earthy tones. Look at a leather bracelet for example. It is the perfect accessory for the morning hikes and the cosy pub nights at the kitchen.

For a day out at sea or in the pool, you could always sport sailor style with some cool nautical jewellery. Look at a leather plaited bracelet in blue, red and white. You could also go in for some metal plated cufflinks.

Always remember that your wardrobe must complement the jewellery that you are sporting. The latter can make or break an outfit with the smallest detail.

About the author

Delicia Jones is a jewellery designer specialising in accessories like tungsten rings and cufflinks. She works for a reputed jewellery store. Delicia loves going shopping with her teenage daughters. 


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