Breast augmentation: some basics to start with

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Breast augmentation: why it is so popular and gone through by so many women these days? The reasons go without saying: women today just want their breasts to become bigger and therefore more attractive for men. This procedure can also be performed for some rejuvenation purposes, or for other cosmetic reasons.

Breast augmentationWhen mentioning breast augmentation, one should remember that woman have got two main possible ways of a breast enlargement at their disposal. One of them and more widely known is one performed due to breast implants. And, as for the kinds of breast implants, nowadays there are three of them: silicone, saline and also the implants of an alternative filling.

Silicone-fed implants are in fact filled in with a so called gel substance or silicone. Saline ones are, in their turn, the same shells only being filled with pure salt water or sterile saline solution. Finally, alternatively combined implants may feature various compositions of polypropylene strings, soy oil, etc.

The second, less effective and therefore popular way of breast enhancement is a fat transfer. This is also a procedure during which the surgeon simply takes some fat from a donor part of a woman’s body for example, from the abdominal area with the help of liposuction method, purifies it and injects into the breasts.

All the aforementioned procedures kinds take about a couple of hours and they are painlessly performed under general anesthesia.

Woman’s breasts regularly go on developing until a woman gets in her late teens, so the general requirement for breast augmentation is being the age of eighteen to be operated on with saline implants and to be the age of about twenty-two years old to get silicone implants.

The recovery period after breast surgery usually does not take a very long time. Still, a woman should remember that she will have to avoid lifting anything heavy for a time period of about forty-two days after the procedure. You can watch a video about breast augmentation recovery stories and make up your own mind.

Now let’s mention some negative or side effects of the breast enhancement.

The potential risks may be as following (besides common medical risks of infection or bleeding, of course): breast pain, changes in sensation in the nipples and the whole breast, scarring or body tissues tightening around the implant area. Finally, there can be some individual problems with the size or the shape of the implants (for instance, both breasts may become non-symmetrical).

And, unfortunately, sometimes breast implantation may result in disruptions and leaks. Although the most part of women prefer silicone implants saying that they look pretty much like real breasts other than saline, potentially silicone ones may lead to greater risk if they leak. The key problem is that if a saline implant begins to ruin, its components will be simply absorbed by the body tissues. A typical silicone leak may either stay inside the implant form or start leaking outside of it. In case saline implants rupture, they normally deflate. Silicone breast implants cause no obvious outer signs of rupture.


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