Build in-house gymnasium with Horizon Treadmill

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People are now turning out to be fitness freak by visiting regular gym and following the regular diet. However, due to busy lifestyle and other personal issues, people are finding it hard to follow regular gym. To overcome this issue, building in-house gym with all the items is the best idea. From treadmills to dumbles, you can keep these items at home and exercise whenever you find yourself free. If you want to work only on your cardio and weight loss, the working on treadmill is the best way. There are different types of treadmills that come with extra exercise items to work on. Horizon treadmill is a well-known brand that is specifically for house health and fitness centre use.


Treadmills from this brand are affordable, compact and sturdy, and more importantly have 30 years of warranty. These treadmills are so compact, that you can watch TV, listen to music and simultaneously work on cardio.

There are different products offered by the brand having different features. You can buy and use it for your in-house gymnasium:

Horizon Evolve Treadmill: Available in less than $800, this ultra-compact treadmill can be folded flat to be fit under the bed and other areas. This product can used anywhere in the home and is convenient to use. It comes with various cushioned systems helping to absorb impact of foot strike.

Horizon 2.3 T Treadmill: This treadmill comes with 30 years warranty and has 2.0 continuous horsepower motor. Ideal for taller men and women with long legs, this long belt treadmill works best.

Horizon WT961 Treadmill: The machine used wireless pedometer technology that can update the step count on pedometer. With having heavy frame, heavy weight users can also run freely without any difficulty. It has two-ply belt supplies comfortably cushions allowing the user to use on the daily basis.

T54 Horizon: This is on the top of all the treadmills from the brand. It features shock absorption and has maximum speeds of 12 miles per hour. The treadmill comes with 6 preset programs and has a chest strap with polar compatibility.

One of the benefits of using these products are they come in assembled form, making it easier for the user to unfold and set it in the convenient place. If you’re looking for any of the treadmill product then visiting will be helpful to know more about each product. The makers have made sure that users can easily use it and witness the change in their body and weight in few weeks of its use.

Moreover, purchasing of these products is also easy with online e-commerce sites offering these products at the best rates and also delivering the same at your doorstep. So open up the gymnasium in your home and enjoy having exercise in your own time. 


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