Colourful Accessories to Brighten Up Your Home

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As we shift from summer to autumn, we start to gravitate towards neutral colours and heavier fabrics, mainly to combat the drop in temperatures and the general reluctance by a majority of the public to accept that summer is officially over. But just because the world outside is slowly transitioning from golden to grey doesn’t mean you have to.

Though it might be dull and rainy outside, your home can be as colourful and cheery as you like. A well-placed patterned pillow or a delightfully spotted yellow mug can lift your mood, add some colour to your day, and can be used throughout the seasons.

Here is a list of accessories to brighten your home room by room.


The Bedroom:

No matter if it’s a single or a king, everyone should treasure their bed. It should be a safe, cosy place: somewhere for you to flop on after a long day of work, somewhere for you to lounge on Sunday mornings, somewhere that’s welcoming and comforting.

One way to bring some cheer to your bedroom is to buy patterned sheets. Although monochrome sheets might match more of your other furnishings, let’s be honest: they just aren’t as interesting. And ‘patterned’ is not synonymous with ‘tacky’: there is a tasteful, stylish way to mix and match prints and colours. Take these sheets for example:


I love the way the stripes and florals work together – they aren’t overwhelming each other. This is a great, subtle way to incorporate colours into your bedroom. Plus, you can even add matching flowers like they’ve done in the photo for extra flair!

The Bathroom:

Depending on how many other people you are living with (and how big the room is), you probably don’t spend much time in the bathroom. But that doesn’t mean you should overlook it! The bathroom is a perfect place to spread colour: a simple addition – like these polka-dot ceramic containers – can bring a homey feel.

I especially love the toilet brush holder – way to transform something disgusting into something cute!



The Kitchen:

If you don’t want to commit to painting your walls – or perhaps you can’t if you’re a renter – an easy way to liven up your kitchen is through your kitchenware. These coloured measuring cups bring a playful element to any baking experiment.




The Living Room:

Decorating your living space or lounge area with throw pillows is an incredibly easy way to add style and comfort to any sofa.

I like how the bicycle looks almost sketched-on, and the flowers in the basket are a nice touch. Buying a pillow with a print on the front and a solid colour on the back is also a good option for those that want to change things up every so often!


I hope this has given you some inspiration on how to brighten your home this winter. Stay warm, and happy decorating!


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