Ease Into the Full Time Caregiver Role

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Do you have parents that are getting up in years? It’s a fact that millions of baby boomers may deal with this situation. It’s up to you to finally make the right decision on what to do when your loved ones simply don’t have the ability to live totally independently any longer. Of course, it may simply be too emotionally and financially devastating to put your parents in a nursing home, and this is where you come into the picture. If you’re concerned about making the necessary transition of caring for your loved ones on a full-time basis, you may only feel more at ease by being aware of steps you can take.


Step #1: Purchase the right equipment

Taking care of your parents on a full-time basis doesn’t necessarily mean living together. They may prefer to age in place or move to a retirement community to be near people with similar interests. You may feel that you can have this situation under control by living close by and making frequent visits. However, accidents can happen in an instant, and what if you aren’t there?

If this is the case, you may feel better about looking at the various types of equipment that can assist your parents while they are alone. Some options you should consider are devices that can get assistance quickly to the home when necessary.

You can purchase bracelets, wireless room buttons or even a base unit that can allow for medical care to be called if there is an emergency. This can give you more peace of mind in the event your parents experience a slip and fall, and you’re not there. Check out what’s available and get more info before you leave someone alone.

In fact, studies show that falls are the leading reason for death for individuals 65 and older.

Step #2: Stock up on essentials

The last thing you want is your parents running out of food or other basic items on a daily basis.  As a full-time caretaker, you need to be certain there is healthy food on hand, and you can even prepare meals ahead of time for your parents. Cook enough for a few days at a time or put some meals in the freezer to be laid out for another day and to offer variety.

Other essentials to keep in stock include body soap, toilet paper, paper towels and the like. The key to being able to stay stocked up when you’re on a budget or relying on the fixed income of your aging parents is by making a monthly or bi-weekly shopping trip to a market or wholesale club.

Can you just imagine all the things you can purchase that can keep your parents living well for weeks? This is simply a must when caring for your loved ones for greater ease for you both.

Step #3: Talk to your employer

You may need to take more time off work than you did before your parents needed as much individual care. This is one thing that you should do to avoid getting in trouble at work.

It’s important to discuss this situation with your boss just in case you need to leave work suddenly or you require more time to help your parents. Of course, it’s possible that you may need to have a flexible work schedule to do this and that’s one thing you should consider before agreeing to care for your parents full-time.

If you follow these steps, you’ll feel more at ease with the decision to become a caregiver. Remember, these are the people that cared for you and raised you to the person you are today. Giving back is one way to show your extreme appreciation and gratitude for all your parents have done for you throughout the years. Take time to show your loved ones the respect and assistance they may need during the latter years of life. Trust me, you won’t regret it!



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