Everything You Wanted to Know about Fibre but Were Afraid to Ask

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Fibre is one of those basic components of proper nutrition which tend to get overlooked. A lot of people focus on eating, but not eating a truly balanced meal. As a result, they are not only missing some of the nutrition that they need, but they’re also missing fibre, which has many health benefits. In the UK, it has been estimated that most people only get about 75% of the daily fibre that they really need. As a result, they’re not nearly as healthy as they could be. Fortunately, the solution is simple: get more fibre. Sounds easy enough doesn’t it? The truth is, making just a few simple adjustments in your diet can increase your fibre intake and make you feel a whole lot better.


A high protein bar is an excellent snack


So, What’s the Secret?

There really is no big secret. Fibre comes in two basic forms, one which is soluble in water and one that isn’t. Both types have their own useful benefits, so a good diet will include a little of both. The major difference between the two is that soluble fibre can be digested by the body, while insoluble fibre actually just passes through your body without being absorbed at all. The soluble type mainly comes from fruits and vegetables and when it is absorbed, can do all sorts of wonderful things, such as lowering your cholesterol. It is no wonder why so many doctors advise having a constant diet of fruits and vegetables. They can be raw, but if they’re cooked, they should be cooked sparingly. If you leave your broccoli in boiling water for 20 minutes, by the time they come out, they may still have an important source of fibre, but their nutritional value has been left behind in the water.


Just Passing by

Insoluble fibre works in exactly the opposite way. It passes through the entire digestive system without actually being digested or broken down. You might think there really is no useful purpose to it, but the fact is that insoluble fibre plays a very important role in your overall digestive health. Basically, it helps eliminate a lot of waste products that are left in your digestive system. Especially if you eat a lot of meat, which has no fibre at all, balancing that intake with sources of insoluble fibre will help eliminate a lot of leftover and potentially undigested food. Fortunately, many of these sources are quite tasty and easy to use. Most cereals, nuts, bran and even wholemeal bread all provide plenty of fibre. Make sure to make them a basic part of your diet. Chances are, you’ll feel a lot better if you do.


Make It Fast

Obviously you can’t always be worrying about how much fibre you are consuming, but if you just pay a little attention to what you’re eating, you should be okay. Unfortunately, many of us seem to not have enough time every day to prepare even a simple snack and often don’t know what to do. The solution is to reach for a high protein bar, which contains not only a good source of fibre but also a lot of basic nutrition that your body requires. They are certainly far healthier than any fast food option, and taste great. It really is the smart way to go.



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