Fall Fashion Week: Shoe Trends to Remember

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Fall fashion shows always provide us with the perfect end of summer ‘pick me up’. When we are putting away our flip-flops and skirts at the end of summer, we can already be looking forward to the trends of autumn. For me, this applies to shoes above all else.  So when I’m watching the fashion shows, I’m mesmerised by what’s on offer.

Make your Look Bolder and Brasher than Ever

Catwalks across the land hosted models with shoes that were simply eye popping this fall. You know, the sort of shoes that have you just reaching for your credit card before you even look at the price?

The boldness and brashness of these shoes mean that they will highlight any outfit. So, whether you’re heading to the office, nipping out for a drink with the girls or heading off on a dream date, you’ll want your shoes to be the boldest part of your outfit this fall.

Looks such as this don’t often translate from catwalk to high street, but this one certainly has. If you’re interested, try checking out somewhere like Designerwear as they’re offering some of the hottest looks around.

Make ‘Girl Scout Brown’ Your Stock Colour

If you aren’t a bold and brash person then there’s still a trend for you. Wardrobe guru Sarah Ellison Lewis believes that ‘girl scout brown’ is essential for a basic shoe trend: “For basics, I love what I call ‘walnut,’ which is a very reddish heritage colour; sometimes I call it ‘Girl Scout brown’”.

Beyond basics, however, she agrees with the bold and brash look, stating that “[Beyond basics], colours and patterns will have thought and order to them and be very mixed, blocky and bold.”

Wedges are a Wardrobe Essential

It looks as though wedges are going to remain as fashionable in autumn as they were in the spring. For this reason, wedges are an essential look if you’re currently running a little bit low on cash after your summer holidays.

If so, you can still wear those spring wedges but, as Christmas approaches, keep a lookout for those other trends and get them on your Christmas list as soon as possible.


So there you have it.  Those are your essential shoe trends for fall 2013, so head out and get yourself a bargain or, failing that, get them on your Christmas list early.


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