Fashion for the Fit – What to Wear, Whatever Your Sport

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Keeping fit doesn’t have to mean succumbing to unattractive, ill-fitting sweats. Whatever your preferred keep fit method, stay stylish with these top tips:

The Runner: If you are an outdoor runner, you want to be protected from the elements. Invest in a good quality, light reflective running jacket; opt for breathable waterproof fabrics with mesh panels and a foldaway hood for the winter and team with a razor back running top and cropped leggings. Stay away from full length running pants as there is nothing worse than soggy, mud-spattered hems flapping around your ankles as you run. Make sure you invest in the best quality running shoes you can afford; this is not the place to scrimp on quality – shoes will make all the difference to your workout as a runner, as well as protect you from potential injury.

The Netballer: If you play as part of a pro team, what you wear to matches is likely to be dictated to you – but training sessions are a different matter. Look great as you play in a netball dress – this non-contact sport is great for abandoning the shorts and sweat pants and being a little more feminine. Opt for sweat resistant stretch fabrics that will move with you and not sag. No need to worry about underwear flashes as specialist netball dresses and skirts come with built in Lycra shorts!

The Roller Derby Girl: There is no better sport for getting glammed up and girly! Mini-skirts, sparkly tops and fish net stockings are all the rage in Roller Derby – teamed of course with a full face of makeup. If you like your sports super glamorous and full contact, this is a great option. Don’t be tempted to recycle old club wear – you want specialist gear; click here to take a look at specialist clothing for wearing on the rink. Don’t forget protective headgear, knee pads and elbow guards!

The Yoga Aficionado: Tempting as it might be to opt for shorts, when you are contorting your body into all manner of shapes and positions, you want to be sure you are completely covered up! This doesn’t have to mean baggy t shirts and sweat pants however. Invest in a couple of pairs of yoga pants – full coverage that moves with you without being skin tight. Stay away from cotton t shirts (and even cotton underwear) as this material does not move well and once it is sweat soaked, it is uncomfortable and over-tight. Whatever you wear on top, make sure it is long length and form fitting. Anything lose will simply fall over your head as soon as you perform a Downward Facing Dog.


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