Five Ideas to get started for Perfect Man Cave

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“What do you mean by men cave?” Most of the people who plan to design this man cave usually ask the same question to themselves. You might have asked the same question to yourself. Usually, man caves are designed in a customized manner by the owner deciding what he enjoys or loves during his spare time. While deciding the perfect man cave, it is important that you understand what you love and want to live with it in your free time. Some people are not sure of what they want in their man cave and end up humiliating and hate the man cave they planned themselves. In order to avoid this, always keep in mind the things of your interest and hobbies that you are fond of and love doing while planning to design the man cave. Below mentioned are some of the man cave ideas to give a rough sketch of how people plan their man cave.

A Golf Man Cave:

This man cave is planned by people who love watching and playing golf. Creating something like this would lead to a conversation among your colleagues and fellow golf lovers. Try to make this man cave very exquisite. For a fresh, realistic trimmed feel, you can utilize exterior patio elements and consider putting an artificial turf. You can make the place more realistic by placing some golf related things in the room such as flags, golf clubs and golf balls. For instance, you can use golf balls as the legs of your table, put stickers and posters of golf clubs all across the room, golf clubs can be used even as curtain rods. Be creative in your thinking and make it stylish and unique. Make this man cave as a place where you and your colleagues can relax and sit listening to the music or enjoying a practice session.

A Media Room Man Cave:

Ideally, the media room is for people who love cinema halls or theatres and the best place for them to relax and cool their heads with enjoyment. Create a classy atmosphere by putting up a giant plasma TV or LED on the wall, comfortable and relaxing plush seats, uniquely designed tables including a collection of most expensive champagne over the stands. Above all, put up a top quality, expensive surround sound system that enhances the sound production all over the room. Make the room attractive by putting up a movie prop over the wall to show what the room represents. You can even include a stunning lighting system to light up the place when you and your friends finished watching a movie and just want to unwind yourselves.

Hockey Themed Man Cave:

If you are someone who is hockey lover, who loves watching or playing hockey, this is the perfect man cave. This is one of the expensive best man cave ideas ever designed. In order to enjoy the true experience of watching a hockey match as if you are sitting live in the stadium, you need to have an LCD, LED, or 3D TV. This ensures that you are enjoying the game as if you are sitting in the crowd of thousands of supporters and fans next to the field. Place the TV in a location strategically so that everyone in the room enjoys it. If you already some things of memorabilia, a signed hockey stick or a favorite player’s helmet would be a great enhancer for the man cave.  This is the place where you can put your creative ideas to work. Just remember that you are designing the eventual hockey experience for all hockey lovers.


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