Five Ways to Get Thicker Hair this Winter

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If your hair is thin and you suffer from split ends, you may think that the thick, glossy locks seen on the pages of fashion magazines are out of your reach. This simply isn’t true; there are lots of things that you can do to transform your hair whether you have a little or a lot to spend.

Have a Break from Bleach

You may love the gorgeous golden colour that you get retouched each month at the hairdressers, but piling bleach on your hair can leave it dry and damaged. Extreme colouring can lead to hair breakage so substances such as bleach should be used rarely if you want to achieve luscious locks that shine.

Try a Sulphate-Free Formula

Great hair starts in the shower and if your hair is thin, your current shampoo and conditioner could be to blame. If you have been using the same products for years, it’s time to switch things up a bit and invest in a shampoo and conditioner that will bring the best out of your hair. Sulphate-free hair care products contain fewer chemicals and as a result will ensure that your hair is more hydrated. This prevents breakage and creates healthier looking hair that radiates shine.

Clip it In

If you’ve tried changing your shampoo and conditioner to sulphate-free formulas and it hasn’t worked, there is another option. Clip-in hair extensions can provide you with instantly thicker locks and they won’t break the bank. When you need extra body, you can simply clip in your extensions and get thicker hair in an instant.

Put Down the Straighteners

Over styling your hair can cause unnecessary damage to the roots and using hair straighteners and curling tongs on a daily basis can leave your hair feeling frazzled. If you do need to use these styling tools, always use a heat protecting spray on your roots to protect them from extreme temperatures.

Consider a Hair Restoration Procedure

Hair extensions are ideal when you need thicker hair for a night out or a special occasion, but if you are looking for something more permanent, there are a number of procedures available. Hair transplants like the ones offered at Europe Surgery are becoming more and more popular, so if you have suffered hair loss or you have thin hair around the crown, this could be a feasible option for you.

So, there you have it, four ways to get the hair you’ve always wanted.



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