From Online Dating to the Real Thing

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Online dating sites have become so prolific that it is now possible to choose a niche dating site or app that ensures you will meet someone with similar interests. Only want to meet a woman that has a similar religious background? There’s an app for that. If you only want someone who shares your fondness for dogs, or who is gluten-free, or if you prefer to only date women who are interested in making a life on a farm there are niche dating sites to help you make a connection.

This has created a new paradigm for many potential couples in that they know each other quite well before they ever meet for their first date. This can make it tempting to go with a grand romantic gesture on the very first date, but that isn’t always the best move. Romance takes time, even when it begins online.

When to Go Big

The time to go big is on a special anniversary. This could be in celebration of the first online conversation you and your partner had, a first date, or even a first phone call. It is important to let her know that you took note of the momentous dates and that not only do you remember them but you also cherish them.

One way to thoroughly make this fact undeniable in her memory and in her heart is to choose an arrangement from a company that has made romance the foundation of their business. Roseshire creates breathtaking arrangements of roses, the flower most intimately associated with love and romance. They turn the act of giving flowers into an experience she won’t forget.

Another option is to surprise her with personalized jewelry. Anyone can go to a shop and choose a stunning piece of jewelry that will look exactly like the pieces everyone else is wearing. If you really want to go big and give her something she will be able to treasure throughout your lifetime together, you need to take it to the next level. Find an artisan who will inscribe the jewelry with a phrase or word that is meaningful to the two of you and your special date. Numerous artisans on Etsy have made it their life’s work to create unique pieces that will allow you to fully convey the depth of your love.

Why You Should Start Small

It’s important to realize that even if you have been talking online or via text for months prior to the first meeting, it is still a first date. While you might show up with a bouquet of wildflowers to a first date, it would be considered overzealous to bring two dozen roses.

Instead, plan a meeting that will minimize pressure and maximize the potential to get to know more about each other’s quirks, preferences, and personality. The way people present themselves in a digital setting tends to be quite different from the way they interact with other people in person.

Think of your own online dating profile and the way you approach women. How many pictures do you have to take to find one you are willing to send to your paramour? It is probably easier to gloss over the less enjoyable parts of your day and to be more emotionally available within the confines of your computer or phone.

When you make the transition from digital to personal, it makes sense to start small so you can take the time to see how well your personalities, and preferences truly mesh when all of the filters and pretenses are taken away. Adding large gestures to the event can make it more difficult to make an authentic connection at first because it increases the level of expectation. Rest assured that if the small steps go well you already have a good idea of how to go big when the time is right.

According to the most recent research, online dating has become the new normal. People of all ages consider it a great way to meet new people but many are surprisingly reluctant to take the plunge and schedule that first date. If you’ve found a person with whom you can make an emotional connection, be willing to take the next step and find out if it could be your happily ever after.



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