Hair is the Beauty and the Beast

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While the hair on your head can be the making of you in terms of being fashionable, the other hair which grows on your body is definitely unwanted.  Unfortunately, the only trend it follows – is to continue growing back – no matter what you do with it. It can be controlled by regular shaving or waxing in most cases, but there is little that can be done to permanently get rid of unsightly body hair.


beuty hair



It takes quite some time to shave your legs and underarms without ending up with nicks and cuts, even with years of practice. And that lovely smooth effect you get only lasts a couple of days, and then you have to repeat the whole process again. There’s no end to it!  If you do shave make sure you use a good lubricant to soften the hair before removing it – it’ll make it easier to shave and remember to try and shave with the growth as opposed to against it, this will reduce the chance of skin irritation.



If you decide to bleach your body hair it will be less noticeable, however, you don’t get the same smooth sensation as you do after shaving, simply lighter body hair which is less noticeable. It can certainly reduce the number of occasions when you are forced to shave as the lightening effect should normally last between two to six weeks depending on your hair type.



By the roots

Some of us resort to plucking, in fact eyebrows have always come in for this type of treatment, but while it’s okay for small areas it’s not very practical for larger areas. It does take a lot of time and is normally quite painful leaving the skin fairly tender. While the results last longer than shaving or bleaching, because the hair is actually pulled out at the root, it’s not very practical in terms of fitting it into a busy schedule on a regular basis. The question is whether you really want to use up all that time and effort.


Perhaps the best idea is to actually vaporise the unwanted hair. This is a method which uses intense pulsed light (IPL) which is directed by a small machine at the living hair follicles and over a few courses of treatment will rid you of unwanted hair. It is a completely painless procedure as opposed to actually pulling out hair by its roots. Each strand of hair has a follicle, shaft, muscle and gland and growth comes in cycles. In its growth stage it is more prone to damage than in its transitional or dormant stage. Perhaps I’m getting a bit technical now, but IPL works, so the best advice is to actually try it and see the results for yourself. It gives a great smooth finish and lasts about as long as if the hair had been plucked – but without all the pain involved.

Next time you’re connected online visit a few sites and learn more about IPL treatments for hair removal – you might just thank me!


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