Hottest Hairstyles for 2014

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Each new year brings new fashion trends, whether it be clothes, hairstyles or makeup. These new hairstyles pave the way for a great hair year with gorgeous blowouts, ponytails, curls, braids and much more. If you are amongst the people who long for the bold and artistic, this season delivered. But if you want some real inspiration from the runway, there were numerous trendy ideas too, from delightfully mussed chignons to romantically rumpled braided hairstyles. Here are some of the hottest hairstyles for 2014.

Wispy Pixie

Among the latest short hairstyles for women, the pixie cut is quite famous. To create a rough, sexy pixie style, hairstylist Garren first used the air-dry method and then blasted the hair with a blow-dryer to elevate it. He then rubbed wax on his palms to rake it through the hair. To finish the style, he held his fingers at the scalp and spritzed hairspray on the roots.


Side-Swept Blowout

There are essentially two types of blowouts – bouncy-wavy or stick-straight. The side-swept blowout style combines the best of both worlds with a sleek style from the crown to the middle and a pretty sweep at the ends. To achieve this style, blow-dry hair straight with the help of a boar-bristle paddle brush. Then, use a flatiron to sweep the ends away from the face to create a soft, effortless look.

Messy Braided Updo

Like last year, braids are big this season mainly due to their versatility. They can be worn in a number of styles from crown braids, loose messy side braid and fishtail braids to cornrows and mermaid braids. Braided updos are also a hit. To achieve a romantic, roughed-up braided updo, use mousse to prep hair before you blow-dry and braid it. Use U-shaped pins to secure the braid and let some wisps show to give an imperfect and messy look.


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