How belts have become fashion accessory?

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Men’s belts are the best part of fashion for men. The belts were among the most used accessories for men but the generation Y is moving away from belts as they are more interested in saggy pant which needs belts but they will never put one on.

Men’s belts are available in several colors and are made of different materials out of which leather if the most preferred from many generations.

Belt as accessory for men: How important?

Men do not have much to accessorize their outfits and have many limited options, one among them is belt. They put on good a tie, shoes but always need a belt for completing their getup. Belts help men to keep their trousers safe from falling.

Suspenders were used to keep belts at their place before the belts came to the market. The suspenders were made up of materials such as elastic. These were largely made from an elastic with button holes at the clamps’ end.

The belts were much modified form of the suspenders and were easy to use and was quite better look wise and in fact they did not had any slipping problem as well.

Belts became popular as they allowed punch to outfits. The buckles of the belts are designed for showing off the status of man. The belts become very famous after they were used by cowboys of the old generation. They used to have belts with large buckles for displaying things which they were proud of achieving. They used to give belt buckles as trophies.

Belts form a main part of formal dress of modern generation, these belts generally have simple belt buckles. The belt buckles are generally of silver or gold tone and usually have simple closures for them.

What to look for while choosing belts:

Material is the most important thing which one should look while choosing belt.

Leather is the most used material for belt. Leather belts look attractive and graceful. Modern and designer leather belts are of high quality leather.

You decide for buying a leather belt, make sure that you choose quality leather belt as bad quality leather belts lasts very early.
Belt sizes:

You need to choose the belt size based on the waist size. Belts are normally available in three sizes: small, medium and large which are equivalent to 30-32 inches, 34-46 inches and 38-40 inches respectively. It is recommended to take your belt 2 inches more than that of your waist.

What are the types of belts for men?

Belts are associated with different looks which include casual, dress, bounded leather, wedding and large.

Men’s prefer belts made up of leathers as it is a durable material and they look well designed. Leather is not the only materials which are used for making belts, there are belts which are nylon made and are best to have a proper causal look. Even there are belts such as chain link belts which are used very rarely by men.

Men’s belts can be shopped online and offline by several firms both and one such firm is Belt N Bags.


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