How To Avoid Those Hair Dye Disasters

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There are many of us who have been there, excitably taking the towel off our head to see that beautiful new colour and then ended up shrieking in dismay at the outcome. Whether it be frazzles, green hair or just the wrong colour, it is easy to get wrong. Here are some tips to help you avoid getting a shock:


Choose The Right Colour:

It is easy to look at someone else and desire their amazing hair colour. I am just as guilty of it as the next person. The problem with that is that those colours probably just will never suit me! Before you go for your colour or buy your home dye, do a bit of research and make sure that the colour that you are going for is likely to suit your skin tone and eye colour. If in doubt get second and third opinions. If you are having it done by a professional at your salon then they will be happy to advise you on what they think will suit. If unsure you can just opt for a simply natural colour that is not too far from your natural colour, but is enough of a change to give you a boost.

Avoiding Uneven End Results:

This should never be a problem when going to a salon to have it done for you, but if you are applying a home hair dye it is easy to miss bits. The best way to get an even colour all of the way through is to take small sections of your hair at a time, especially at the back where you can’t see it. This means that you will be less likely to miss a clump by grabbing handfuls of hair and just dolloping it on. Alternatively, ask a friend to come and do it for you. I’m sure if you offer tea and biscuits as an incentive you will have no problems getting a volunteer.

Covering That Grey:

Grey hair is resistant to hair dye. Therefore the more grey that you have in your hair the more difficult it is to get a consistent and even colour. When colouring at home, you can get colours which are specially formulated to give you the best results possible and to colour those stubborn grey hairs. The trick here is to ascertain exactly how much grey you have in your hair as it will impact on the resulting shade. If you are less than 50% grey then you are safe to stick to the colour which you have selected. However, if you have more than 50% grey in your hair than it is wise to opt for a colour which is a shade darker. This will have more pigment in it and be more likely to successfully cover your hair evenly.

When you have a new hair colour it should make you feel fabulous! So don’t let a few hiccups deter you, take your time and you will end up with your perfect colour in no time.

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