How to get out of fashion rut?

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So how often does this happen- standing in front of the wardrobe, gawking hopelessly at your clothes and yet not finding anything to wear? Are you stuck in a fashion rut? If you want to mix up your wardrobe and try on some new looks, it’s high time you must do so! The best way to upgrade your wardrobe is by browsing the latest collection for the current season for tad inspiration. Go through fashion magazines and browse online fashion sites while checking your Facebook or playing at bingo sites. You will surely spot some styles that will definitely help in changing your look. Giving your wardrobe an overhaul once a while doesn’t always cost a bomb. Remember fashion is not only about designer clothes!

If you are used to wearing a particular style or colour don’t be afraid to embrace something you don’t usually wear. Don’t restrict yourself scouring from mall to mall (don’t forget to scour through online sites too). To avoid buyer’s remorse, try on some of the stuff your friends have before making a purchase. Don’t get stuck in the habit of thinking “I guess this will never suit me.” Have an open mind. However, make sure you buy clothes keeping in mind your body type.

When was the last time you assessed your wardrobe? It’s perhaps the most difficult step to let go off stuff from your wardrobe. Most of the time we cling on to the things wondering “I might wear it someday!”. Well, now that’s not the smartest move of all. You can sell your old clothes or give them away for charity.

To keep yourself abreast with the latest fashion, magazines can provide you some insight and inspiration. Flip through the pages and try on the styles in vogue.

To pull yourself out of the fashion rut, the key is to experiment. Mall hopping and shopping aimlessly won’t put an end to the fashion rut. Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to try something new and different everytime.


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