Jewelry Districts in New York

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Shopping for jewelry in person can be a very rewarding and exciting experience for men and women. There is nothing like walking along busy urban streets and looking at gorgeous jewelry pieces that are on display through windows. New York City is actually home to the largest jewelry district in the entire world. Midtown Manhattan is home to literally several thousand dealers that specialize in all types of jewelry pieces. Ladies and gentlemen enjoy visiting NYC’s world famous diamond district and picking out the perfect jewelry pieces.


When walking inside a jewelry shop in New York, it’s a good idea to confirm that the establishment is backed up by the Better Business Bureau. A BBB stamp somewhere in the store implies that customers can easily file complaints if any issues arise. It’s also important for some jewelry shops to have GIA certified salespeople and experts onsite. These individuals have been trained to properly evaluate and appraise the prices of various precious gemstones. 

Diamonds are one of the most popular precious stones that are sold in jewelry stores of New York and the rest of the world. Many dealers have direct partnerships with diamond cutters in major hubs such as Tel Aviv, Israel. Additionally, the diamond exchange in Israel also gives retailers worldwide real time prices and other evaluations of diamond pieces. 

Other jewelry shops in NYC have direct partnerships with diamond mines in Russia and South Africa. The retailers receive raw diamonds and then send them to specialists that can process and cut the precious stones properly. Dealers that have direct ties to diamond mines and cutters often pass on the savings to customers. Therefore, it’s a good idea to ask a jewelry shop about its affiliation with third party businesses. Diamonds NYC is an example of a world famous jewelry district that offers some of the highest quality precious gemstones in America.

Engagement rings are probably the most popular pieces in jewelry stores. Beautiful rings with diamond stones and gold settings are common designs. Shoppers can walk inside any jewelry shop and discuss the quality of an engagement ring. The dealer will review the cut, clarity, color and carat of a diamond stone that’s the centerpiece of an engagement ring. Shoppers also receive a certificate of authenticity when buying an expensive diamond ring. Additionally, such expensive rings can always be liquidated through quick sales at any worldwide jewelry dealer.



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