Most Popular Christmas Flowers

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christmas flowersIt’s that time of year again? Time to be thinking about Christmas decorations. Well, what type of decorations are you considering? There are of course the big decorations that everyone thinks of right away. Big decorations such as the Christmas tree, outside lights and bulbs. Of course, going along with all of these decorations, as well as many others are the choices of colors. There are of course the traditional Christmas colors of red, green and white. But these days there are more contemporary and vibrant colors being used in Christmas decorations. Some of the more contemporary colors are burgundy, lime green, bright pink, purple or electric blue. There are even some decorations that consist of animal prints, such as leopard spots, zebra stripes or even some polka dots like a lady bug. Christmas decorations are changing all of the time. Flowers are one decoration that remain the same no matter how many years pass. There are some floral options that are more traditional of Christmas time. Consider some of these options when you’re choosing your flowers for Christmas decorations.

1. Poinsettia

The poinsettia is a time honored Christmas flower. It is, without question, the most popular Christmas flowers Canada and the Untied States has to offer. So if you’re shopping online you can send the same flowers from either country. You cannot go wrong with a Poinsettia. They are beautiful, bright, bold and will be a great focal point in any home or office setting. It is a Mexican member of the large euphorbia family, it prefers a spot in bright light, not direct sun, and only needs watered when dry.

2. Holly

Though it may be surprising, holly dates back to Druids, who believed the plant represented everlasting life. Holly is still a traditional Christmas plant, despite the fact that it is not typically sold as a live plant during the Christmas season. However, the bright red berries look beautiful against the dark green pointed leaves of the holly bush, which is what makes it such a popular choice for Christmas decorations. Christians adopted the plant as the symbol of everlasting life, a promise of Jesus.

3. Christmas Cactus

It is believed to naturally bloom every year at Christmas time, which is how Christmas cactus got it’s name. Despite it’s name, the plant actually tends to bloom closer to Thanksgiving time. If you own a Christmas cactus for a few years you will notice this is the typical blooming pattern of the plant. The Christmas cactus has beautiful, lush flowers that hang so delicately from the ends of the leaves when it’s in full bloom. It makes a beautiful decoration at Christmas time as well as Thanksgiving and all year around.

4. Mistletoe

Another common plant that dates back to the Druids and is a popular Christmas decoration is Mistletoe. While Holly was adopted by the Christian church as a tradition, mistletoe was not only passed over but is actually frowned upon in many churches. This holiday plant is still very commonly seen, despite it being forbidden by many church Christians. It is now a fun tradition of being kissed while standing underneath it for good luck, though originally it signified fertility.

My name is Andrea Jensen and as a florist I help people select the Christmas flowers Canada that best suit their needs.