New Year, New You…What You Should Be Doing to Get 2014 off to The Best Start

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It seems we say it every year; ‘new year, new me’. If that sounds like you, what are you doing exactly to keep the new years fresh and exciting? Think about it…did you do anything to change your life? Change your look? Enjoy new experiences? If the answer is, ‘no’, you definitely need some help! Even if you don’t need help, we thought we’d put together a bit of advice to help and inspire you to get 2014 off to the best start possible. Read on to become the best version of yourself!

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Start A Healthy Diet and Exercise Regime

If you don’t already have a healthy diet and exercise regime in your life, new year is the time to start (for longer than 2 weeks too)! Cut out the crap food, eat whole, natural foods, and take up a form of exercise that you enjoy. You might even find it fun to set yourself goals along the way. For example, if you take up a boot camp, you might want to target a stone weight loss in 2 months. If you start weight training, you might want to increase your muscle mass by X%. It’s all up to you! Ultimately, the goal should be to be healthy and happy. Eat foods that our ancestors would have eaten, food that flew in the sky, swam in the sea, and walked/grew on the land. The more ingredients a food product has in, the worse it is for you (even if it states it’s a ‘diet’ product, or ‘low in fat’).

Say Yes to Events

Do people ask you to join them at certain events, but you find yourself saying no out of fear of the unknown, or unwillingness to break a routine? Start saying yes to more events! Step outside of your comfort zone and you’ll find life much more fun and satisfying.

Visit New Places

The world is a huge place, and the amount of people that fail to see even part of it is shocking. The different cultures and ways of life of different countries will really open up your eyes!

Revamp Your Wardrobe

Are you sick of wearing the same old clothes or having the same old boring look? Go all Gok Wan on your wardrobe and throw everything you don’t wear away! The rule is; if you haven’t worn it in a year, you probably aren’t ever going to wear it again. Throw it away, be ruthless! Any shapeless, baggy clothes in there? Get rid of those too! Learn how to dress for you shape so you can look the best at all times – buy your amazing new wardrobe from Get The Label!

Take Up A New Hobby

Why not learn a language or learn how to play an instrument? Better yet, become a great cook or master gardener. The only limit is your imagination when it comes to trying new things and learning to do things you thought you could never do!

Have Fun!

Above all else, have fun. You only get one life, so live it and have a great time in 2014!


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