Nod to the 90’s During Fashion Week

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Fashion week; the event that true fashionista’s wait all year for, the time where the seasons trends are announced and where some of the most talented designers of this generation showcase their perceptions of fashion and the elements that will be huge this season. New York fashion week has consumed the media headlines leaving the public truly excited, shocked and in awe of the clothes on display and the celebrities, which immerse themselves in all things style related. One of the clearest trends that have emerged during fashion week is the very distinguished nod to the fashion of the 1990’s and the elements that made it one of the best-loved style eras. The revival of a key fashion age shows the power 90’s fashion had and the lasting impressions it has had ever since. There are some of the old favourites back with a very different spin that has allowed the 90’s to be recognised and appreciated whilst having modern takes on the items to bring them up to date.


The 90’s were the time when fashion took a huge leap in self-expression, with the call for bolder fashion choices, large statements of personality and own ideas of how to wear fashion and the things that each individual considered stylish. The result led to some interesting choices with customisation being a huge hit that has lasted the tests of time with it still being a key trend now. Priceless patches, diamantes, rips and tears and general clothing modifications were the turning point of fashion and have led it to the direction that it has taken in recent years.


Reminiscent Trends…



Their modern take has transformed their name rather than their style. ‘Overalls’ are a key look for the season and come in a range of fabrics such as the much loved denim and leather.


Crop Tops

They have made an appearance throughout the Spring Summer seasons and there presence is still as important during the Autumn and Winter season. Worn by the very brave and very slim they are perfect for day into night looks.



With the benefits of shorts and the elegance of a skirt they are the perfect fashion item that can be worn to the office or in the evening, the versatility of the skort knows no limits.



Victoria Beckham showcased her take on the culottes, the longer length short that appears to be a skirt. They were huge in the 90’s and have made one of the biggest comebacks amongst high-end designers.



Thanks to the Spice Girls, platform shoes were ridiculously high and ridiculously popular and nothing seems to have changed now they have reappeared on the catwalks.


Choker Necklaces

The necklace was reminiscent of the goth trend and although they are far more high fashion now, the original elements remain the same and the styles, fabrics and patterns are true to form of the 90’s.



Military has been a key look over the last few years but it is being taken one step further with the reappearance of the Doc martin/combat boot. The androgynous look is key for women this season.


Bomber Jackets

This is one trend that no one expected a return from, the new sports crossover in fashion has allowed the bomber jacket to make a comeback although in a far more stylish way this time around.

bomber jacket

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