One more load to haul

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Edward_StobartSlim Dusty, the legendary Australian singer, wrote a song in tribute to the people who drove the giant trucks across the unforgiving desert and outback areas of his country. The lyrics included: “Men and women of the highway and the byways of this land; Your lives were spent on one more load to haul”. Whilst it was, and is, an incredibly tough job, many people have a romanticised view of such a life on the road. This is emphasised by the number of American “trucker” country songs sung through the years.

A very British obsession

To a lesser extent, the interest is found in this country too. Perhaps the most outstanding example is the way in which the story of Edward Stobart has captured the imagination. He took an agricultural clearance business and turned it into a national phenomenon. There’s even a terrific TV series! Interestingly, in terms of songs, you may well know that each Eddie Stobart truck has a female name. The first four were Dolly, Tammy, Suzi and Twiggy. If you aren’t sure why, the answer follows.

A genuine celebration

That the Atlas Editions series of officially licensed Eddie Stobart models are so amazingly popular probably reflects both their standard of workmanship and the story they help to tell. The first is Emma Jane, the 23cm long diecast 1:76 scale Volvo FH Fridge Trailer (fleet number H4663).

She is followed by Karen Patricia, the magnificent Scania Topline Curtainside. The third takes you back to an earlier time – the specially-commissioned Atkinson Borderer with Flatbed Trailer. Three very different pieces, each superbly crafted and ready to be displayed and enjoyed by anyone, of any age, who loves the idea of the open road.

All the answers

These Eddie Stobart trucks make a perfect gift – for yourself or another. Be ready to tell the story if, somehow, it has escaped the attention of those who admire your collection. Oh yes – Twiggy (sang in The Boyfriend), Tammy Wynette, Dolly Parton and Suzi Quatro – but you probably knew that already! You can find out more about these wonderful models at


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