Online Dating Tips for guys

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Let’s say about 10-15 years back then, dating has been completely different, guys had to impress girls in person, which is quite uneasy for most of them, but the 21st century and the technological progress has changed dating rules for ever. A decade back guys would never have thought that in the 21st century they would be able to meet  girls online. Online dating services and social networks are the most popular ways of meeting dates and friends of nowadays. Online dating is the biggest industry in modern society. So men if you have decide to join one of dating sites to find your soul mate, I recommend you is the place where everybody has the same goals – to find a date. It is the place of fun and joy! Share your joy with other like-minded singles at  Wildbuddies FB page.

Dating tips for men, how to impress a girl online

From the first sight online dating seems very easy to do, but some guys are skipping the basic rules and are surprised at why they can’t  find anyone? There is an urgent need to help single men to make an interesting  online dating profile, to attract as many single women as possible.


No Creepy Photos

This is the biggest problem, you guys can’t choose a good photo for your profile. When choosing a photo for you dating profile, please make sure it doesn’t look like a mugshot or creepy.

When posting a picture for your online dating profile choose picture:

–        A nice, clear head shot

–        A full size body shot

–        A picture where you smile

–        A picture of you doing something you like i.e. playing with friends, hanging out at the beach, playing with your dog or cat, dinning with your family etc.

–        A picture of you training in the gym

Do not post pictures of you posing or a picture of you undressed, even though you have a gorgeous body, your picture should look natural and your shirtless photo at home would look creepy.

Do not post pictures with your children and don’t ever post pictures with your ex.

Profile Basics

When creating your online profile take it seriously, you should present yourself in the best light possible, your profile is your ticket to find a date, so if you do it anyhow you fill definitely fail.

You should present yourself as intelligent, fun, interesting and positive person. Always proofread your profile. If you have some problems with spelling and grammar, use a dictionary, women do not like illiterate men.

Be honest about all aspects of your life, your marital status, your kids, your expectations.

The First Email

It is a very important moment. Your first email should be positive, intriguing. Before sending the email read her profile! If you comment something that she wrote in her profile, then she’ll know that you spent time to read her profile which means that you are really interested in her and she will gladly answer to your mail. If you won’t tell anything you like about what she wrote in her profile, it means you didn’t take time to read it and you don’t really care about this girl. No aggressive messages. Girls like attention, pay attention to her profile and message the girl you really like!


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