Oral hygiene while wearing braces

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1Each orthodontist’s patient must accurately and carefully follow all professional advises given by the doctor, of course, if the patient wants to have not only a perfectly flat, but also a healthy smile. That’s why oral hygiene during treatment with braces deserves special attention. After all, not proper care of the teeth and gums can lead to an unpleasant odor, to the formation of tartar and tooth decay.

If you are going to start the orthodontic treatment, you will have to purchase the arsenal of different toothbrushes that will be definitely used to clean the teeth: special brushes (single beam) used to clean hard-to-reach places between braces and under the arches; V- shaped brushes; “bristle brushes ” that help to clean gaps between teeth and under the arches. Also, different types of flosses and mouthwashes will become your everyday helpers.

2Toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss will be your constant companions during treatment with braces, because, during the treatment teeth should be cleaned after every meal. The toothbrush should be chosen with carefully. It must satisfy several requirements at once. First, the size of the bristle head must be 25 to 30 mm for adults and up to 20 mm for children. Bristles should always be synthetic. Electric toothbrushes have earned great popularity, they gently clean teeth and massage gums. Special orthodontic toothbrushes that have V- shaped bristles are used for cleaning above and below the bracket system. Single beam brush cleans braces and the adjacent surfaces, teeth along the gum, and gaps between the teeth. Bristle brushes are ideal for cleaning the space under the arc and between the teeth. Irrigators are becoming more and more popular. They clean the teeth, gums and braces with water jets under pressure. It is advisable to opt for an irrigator with adjustable power, then, its use even in the most sensitive areas will be as comfortable as possible.

3You should never forget about the mouthwashes. These agents strengthen gums, reduce the amount of bacteria in the oral cavity and contribute in reducing the formation of plaque. Prefer toothpastes and mouth rinses with a high content of fluorine, because this substance increases the protective properties of the enamel to decay. If you faced any problems while wearing braces, consult dental specialists in Canton, Massachussets or in any other city and state using this site.

Type of braces (removable or fixed system) determines how you should take care of the oral cavity. Fixed braces complicate the removal of plaque from the teeth and along the gum line. The tooth surface should be cleaned with the brush, moving it like a broom, from the gums to the edge of the teeth. In the areas between the braces it is better to use single beam brush. It is important to pay special attention to each tooth. The next step will be cleaning the space under the arcs and interdental spaces with the bristle brush. At the end of the procedure, you can use dental floss. It is important to carry out all manipulations very carefully, trying not to damage the appliance and do not bend the wire.

4Removable orthodontc appliances have a distinct advantage over regular braces in terms of the oral hygiene. Indeed, in this case, appliances itself and the mouth can be cleaned separately. However, it is important to pay special attention to cleaning the surface of the gum under the aligners. Aligners should also be thoroughly cleaned with a brush and toothpaste and then rinsed water.

Many difficulties with hygiene impose a number of restrictions on the diet of the patients. In order to avoid damages of braces, you will have to refuse eating hard and sticky food, as well as too hot or too cold food. Crisp, waffles, bread crisps and cookies stick to the brackets. Chewing gum is a taboo, because it will be very-very Untitleddifficult to clear braces from it. You will need to cut carrots, apples and other solid foods into small pieces, before putting it into the mouth. If you want to place plastic braces, you must be ready to refuse drinking coffee, strong tea and eating some berries, because locks can easily stain.

Later, worked out, during the months of wearing braces, habit of thoroughly good oral hygiene will serve you and your perfect smile, so you will not be afraid of any plaque or tooth decay.

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