Petite Ladies Shouldn’t be Afraid of Wearing Flats

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Have you been avoiding flats because you are not very tall? Are you torturing yourself on high-heels day after wretched day? You don’t have to go to such lengths only because you are shorter than other women. As a matter of fact, if you follow the recommendations below, you will no longer have to wear high-heels all the time in an effort to look taller. Obviously, by wearing flats you will loose that extra boost of inches that heels would have given you, but you will still be able to look good, and feel more comfortable. Your feet will thank you, and you will no longer be self-conscious about your physical appearance.

You see, as much as we would like to be elegant, sometimes there are more pressing concerns. This world moves with such speed, that it is sometimes impossible to complete all of our tasks, and trying to do them while on heels will only increase difficulty and decrease productivity. Flats are the most viable solution for active women, who are in need of a break. However, you are the only one who can decide what type of shoes are best for you. Tall women should not give up high-heels because they will suddenly become too tall, and neither should petite ladies give up on flats, for fear that they are too short. In the end, every woman is most beautiful when she feels that way.

What is wrong with being petite?

Beauty standards may have have you thinking that shorter women are not that attractive, but many men prefer smaller ladies. They are lovely and delicate. Also, being short doesn’t mean that you will look like a large child. It is impossible to be confused with a kid if you are wearing a silk tie-blouse, a pair of leather flats and a well-tailored jacket. You should embrace that little body of yours, and treat it with the utmost respect.

The staggering amount of flat models is simply impossible to resist. They are without a doubt the most versatile type of footwear, that you can easily combine with virtually any type of outfit. You can choose from printed models, to those with metal accessories, ties, leather ones and even textile materials. Take the reef flats, for example. Not only do they look amazing, but they are also extremely comfortable. The quilted foam foot bed and anatomical arch support will protect your feet during the day, and as long as you chose a proper attire, you can elongate your appearance.

You can also mix ballet flats with a short pencil skirt, or jeans with straight legs. Long, flowing dresses can also make you look taller. The whole idea is to keep the vertical line of the dress extended almost to the floor, and hiding the flats underneath it. If the only reason that you are torturing yourself on high-heels is to look taller, then you should stop. As we mentioned earlier, there is nothing wrong in being petite, and maturity has less to do with how tall you are, and more to do with attitude.

All in all, every women should have a set of shoes in her wardrobe, that work for any given situation. Flats, high-heels, boots and snickers are very different, but each and every one of them has a specific use. Flats can look good on taller and shorter women, and the most important criteria is not your height, but the way you match them with other elements in your closet.


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