QuackQuack.in Review – Online Dating in India

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Matrimonial portals have had their boom in India for a long time now. But there has been a dearth of dating sites in India. Even considering that there have been many dating sites across the world, none suit to India’s requirements and most of them have been ineffective until QuackQuack.in made its entry in the dating space in India.

Matrimonial portalsHere’s my review of QuackQuack.in – the site which claims to have more than 3,50,000 users on its website. The website started in 2010 has been ramping up operations slowly but steadily in India to market their product of online dating to single Indians. I happened to ask a few questions to Quackuack.in’s support team and they were quite prompt in answering to my curiosity.

On QuackQuack.in, on an average of 15,000 Waves are sent as a unique templatized ice-breaker to break ice with your potential date. Sounds cool, isn’t it? This makes the nervous-shy singles conversate easily. About 1.08 million chat messages are also exchanged on the site every month with over 3 million page views the site gets every month, most of which is users browsing each other’s profiles to hunt for a suitable match!

On references of a few users who have used QuackQuack.in, we exchanged emails with them to understand their experience. Nitin, a software engineer working with an MNC from Bangalore says, “I’ve made so many friends from this site. I am glad there is a startup focusing on needs of singles and has brought this concept. I have been using QuackQuack for over 6 months now and I keep bumping into interesting singles from Bangalore now and then.” We also got feedback from Anitha (name changed on request) who has been using QuackQuack.in for sometime now. “I was initially sceptical of what this website was all about. I was worried about lewd messages and stuff. But eventually when I started to use the site more, I discovered matches who matched my interests. While some people were down right rude, I understand that this is going to happen online. But whereas it comes to QuackQuack.in’s support and moderation, I have more faith in them now as the spam overload has reduced considerably.” said the 26 year old marketing analyst.

So, for all those singles out there, give QuackQuack.in a spin and let there be more romance in the air!


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