Shopping Tips When Buying Coloured Diamonds

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coloured diamondsA big trend since most of last year and this year as well, coloured gems are back in the forefront of style and fashion. And also precious gems like blue, yellow and pink diamonds have also slowly been accepted and valued as valuable pieces of investment, apart from simply jewels to make a style statement. The kings of coloured stones today, these gems shine bright on everything be it the latest styles that feature unique and innovative designs that are more like pieces of art to simple and classic pieces that are always in vogue. Coloured stones such as these are very rare in their natural form and make for great pieces that are not only apt for adornment but for investment as well.

When it comes to buying coloured stones, the guidelines vary slightly from purchasing those of the colourless variety. Although you will still look at the four basic tenets of diamond shopping which are the cut, carat weight, colour and clarity, it will not be in the same manner or order of importance. The guidelines for choosing the right naturally coloured gems vary slightly. Here a re a few basic tips to help you get started in choosing the perfect ones for you –

Read up on the basics – You have to know the basic principles of shopping for these precious gems before you get started. As mentioned earlier clarity, cut, colour and carat weight will be your deciding factors. However, when it comes to coloured stones, clarity, cut and carat weight may take a back seat to the colour aspect when it comes to determining value. In rare natural coloured gems the focus will largely be on the colour. Intense colour gradations classified as ‘vivid’ will be your best bet and these are also the ones that are the most expensive. Focus more on the colour rather than carat weight since a vivid hue gem will likely cost you more than a less vivid one of a larger size or carat weight.

Opt for the right colours – When it comes to sartorial choices and preferences, the colour is all a matter of choice and personal taste. However, if you are looking at these from an investment point of view naturally coloured green and red ones are the rarest, blue very popular as are yellow and pink diamonds. Colours like brown and champagne are more popular fads, rather than ideal gems from an investment point of view, albeit also beautiful to look at.

Buy from the right sources – Stones found with natural colour are rare and expensive, as opposed to those that are synthetically created. While those are valuable and costly as well, natural ones are the ones to consider if you are a true connoisseur or want to store them for an investment purpose. Make sure you are purchasing your stones from a reputed seller who can guarantee the authenticity of the stones as well as provides you with proper classification information and a certificate of authenticity. Synthetic or cultured stones should also come with a certificate and can be significantly less expensive than their natural counterparts and are a fabulous alternative for those looking at these stones from a simply jewellery point of view. However, do remember these will never appreciate in value and will in fact likely depreciate over time as opposed to the naturally coloured variety.

Luxury items such as these are best purchased after you consult a professional. Make sure you find out all the information you can before buying so that you can get the most out of your budget.


Henry Chance is a jewellery designer with his own designer line. He favours working with coloured gem stones like pink diamonds, sapphires and emeralds and his latest collection is inspired by spring flowers.