The 8 Best Supplements Available for Purchase

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In a market filled with pills, capsules, tablets and caplets, it can be a challenge to determine which supplements are really worth the space they take up in your medicine cabinet. These eight, however, are worth the effort. From anti-aging enzymes to all-natural nutrients, here are a few vitamins that will change your life.


1: Thymuril

Enjoy clear skin, healthy hair and strong muscle tissue when you take thymuril, a broad spectrum supplement designed to improve you from the inside out. You should experience increased energy levels within the very first week of consumption.

2: 5-HTP

Hydroxytryptophan (HTP) is a close cousin to serotonin, the chemical responsible for happiness in the brain. If you’ve been feeling stressed, overworked or just generally blue, 5-HTP will help boost your brain back into high gear.

3: Billberry Extract

Throw away the carrots and say hello to billberry extract. First tested on night pilots in WWII, the antioxidants found in billberry have been clinically proven to improve vision and reduce everyday glare in the pupils.

4: Biotin Forte

An excellent all-around vitamin, biotin forte strengthens everything from your nervous system to your cardiovascular health. Just make sure you buy the right brand; different tablets come with different biotin infusions.

5: Horse Chestnut Extract

It may have a funny name, but there’s nothing amusing about poor circulation, which is what horse chestnut directly combats. If you suffer from pain, numbness or stiff joints, this is the extract to get your blood flowing again.

6: Lipase Concentrate

Do you have a bad stomach? Are you plagued with nausea, indigestion or digestive problems? Lipase will help your body break down the enzymes in fats and fatty acids, leaving your system to operate smoothly and without fuss.

7: Iron Complex

Almost no one gets enough iron in their diet. Moods, bodies and brains suffer for the lack. Add an iron pill to your daily regiment to absorb more nutrients in your system and encourage the production of healthy blood cells.

8: Resveratrol

Anti-aging properties aren’t just for skin creams! The enzymes found in resveratrol will promote longevity and help you maintain good health even as you grow older. The fountain of youth has been found, and it’s here.

If you’re looking for a way to kick-start your immune system and rejuvenate your overall health, these are the miracle tablets for you. You can find the vitamins above and other Integrative Therapeutics supplements at



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