The essential tips that will help you buy the perfect shoes for your wedding

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The fact that your shoes are barely visible in the presence of your long, overflowing gown does not mean that you need to completely overlook this section of the wedding store. A majority of brides are often anxious that they may choose the wrong shoes for their wedding. While you have the perfect jewellery and a makeup artist in Melbourne sorted for your makeup, you can not ignore the importance of good quality and stylish shoes for your wedding. They are an absolute must and the following guidelines will make sure that you walk into a wedding boutique with confidence and pick up just the right pair to help you walk down the aisle.

1.)  The shoes that you try must provide the utmost comfort:

No matter how attractive the embellishments on the shoes look, if it is not comfortable, you need to toss it right back. There is no point in buying shoes if they leave your feet swollen and sore. You must keep one thing in mind; as enjoyable and memorable your wedding day may be, it is also bound to be extremely hectic and you may have to be on your feet most of the time. Therefore, looking for shoes that have ample padding and provide maximum comfort is a must.

Also, buying the right size wedding shoe is another important detail you cannot overlook since it is a major factor that contributes to the comfort of your feet. Never buy shoes that call for your feet to be pushed and squeezed in. Your feet must fit into the shoe like the missing puzzle piece. There should be no effort taken in the process.

2.)  The colour and design of the shoe:

Once you have the comfort factor sorted, you then need to look out for interesting and attractive patterns that will go well with your wedding dress. Just as a makeup artist in Melbourne takes inspiration from the wedding dress for your final look, you too must select a shoe that matches the style of your dress. The embellishments on the shoes must resemble the ones on your dress. Your personality and taste plays a massive role in selecting the right pair of shoes. The best way to ensure that your shoes match your dress is to either shop for the dress first or shop for both the shoes and the dress on the very same day.

3.)  Be careful with the heels:

You can leave the experimentation to some other day. If you have never worn very high heels before, it is best to avoid it for your wedding day, to avoid any un-necessary kind of accident. This will not only be embarrassing but can lead to serious injuries. Instead, opt for kitten heels or heels that you are extremely confident wearing. You must not forget that you may have to spend a lot of time standing or walking around. If you have never worn heels before, it is best to opt for flat shoes.

4.)  Wear in your shoes! Walk in them for a few days prior to the wedding:

It is important to get used to the fit of the shoe. Often, blisters and sore feet are a common phenomenon when wearing new shoes for the very first time. Therefore, it is best to practice walking in your new shoes so that you can wear them in and they can deliver maximum comfort on the day of the wedding. Besides, if you are wearing new shoes with a heel, it will also help you get used to the height.

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Tracy Silver is a freelance writer and makeup artist in Melbourne. An expert in her field with more than 8 years of experience in the wedding industry. She is also an animal lover and has a huge array of differnet pets.


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